Tickets Magic Kingdom and the Top Attractions to Explore

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Tickets Magic Kingdom and the Top Attractions to ExploreIt is a dream of every kid to visit the world of Disney, even without knowing what it holds.  It is hard to find a person who never fantasized about meeting their favorite Disney characters or wanted to live the life of a Disney princess. Walt Disney World is a dream destination for everyone regardless of age. So, let us find out all about the attractions, timings, and buying tickets Magic Kingdom.

If you want to enjoy the perks of the Magic Kingdom but have no idea how much it has to offer, you have come to the right place. Magic Kingdom is a vast property with several fun rides, food availabilities, shows, characters, places, and the list goes on.

Most visitors often have no idea about what to explore inside the park, leading to less fun due to little time. In this article, we will let you know about the insides of the Magic Kingdom. Once you get your hands on the tickets Magic Kingdom, it will help you plan your itinerary around the park in a better way.

When you visit a new place, it is better to have someone who can guide you throughout the journey. At first, you should know that there is much more than rides, characters, and castles in the Magic Kingdom. In that case, for your Disneyland Magic Kingdom tour, this article is going to be your ultimate guide. Here are the things that will help you to explore every corner of the magic kingdom, written below.

Timing of the theme park

Before buying tickets for Magic Kingdom, it will help if you know the time you will enjoy yourself in the park. Well, you will get a total time of 13 hours to roam around the world of fantasies and enjoy your Disney life. The opening hour of the magic kingdom theme park is at 8 am. You can stay inside the park and enjoy your trip till 9 pm.

It is open seven days a week which means you can visit whenever you want. However, since thousands of people visit the Magic Kingdom every day, it is essential to reserve your tickets to Magic Kingdom before the day you visit the park. Now that you know about the opening hours of the theme park, we can move on to the fun activities waiting for us inside the park.

Tickets Magic Kingdom

Attractions of the magic kingdom

If you love classic Disney, you will undoubtedly enjoy the classic Disney attractions in the park. Let’s have some insider knowledge about the Disney attractions to know where to get to:

Peter Pan’s flight

Remember Peter Pan?  The animated version of  J M Barrie’s play and book Peter Pan, the story of a 12-year-old boy who doesn’t want to grow up.

The ride of Peter Pan’s flight starts from entering the darling home as you pass through the nursery where John, Micheal, and Wendy sleeps, and our favorite Tinkerbell creates some mischief. Do you want to know how things are there?

You can join Peter Pan in his flight and bid goodbye to Nana as you join the cruise of darling children over London. You will see the sky lightening up with Big Ben and Tower Bridge. Also, you will pass through the way between volcanoes and waterfalls to enter the cove of the pirates. It’s difficult as Peter Pan has to defeat Captain Hook to return his companions to London safely. Can he do this? What do you think?

If you want to see peter pan win, you have to join his sky-high adventure. There is no bar for height or age to enjoy this adventure. If you don’t like speedy rides, you will enjoy this ride as it is a slow one and have tiny drops. However, one must follow the guest’s policies. You will find this ride in fantasy land after the classic ride.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Want to discover your Pirate life? Well. Here you get a chance to board a craggy barge for the voyage back to the 17th century. Do you know back in the 17th century, the ruthless rapscallions and rowdy rogues used to ransacked seaport Caribbean towns?  You can see that as you sing the Yo Ho anthem with the pirates from A Pirate’s life for me.

You have to keep your spy eye open as you sail through the dead man’s cove and steer cannon fire in between an outstanding 12-gun galleon and the Caribbean fort. As you keep flowing, don’t forget to look for Captain Jack Sparrow.

Want to enjoy the voyage to the century when pirates ruled the seas? You will find the sail at the Adventureland in the magic kingdom. There is no bar for age and height to enjoy this ride through the sea. It is a slow ride with tiny drops.

If you want adventures that include a dark ambiance, then you will love to set your sail to the voyage and have fun in A Pirate’s life. However, you must show the safety, accessibility, and guest policies. It is open all day from 8 am to 9 pm.

Pirates of the Caribbean

It’s a Small World

You can enjoy a slow boat ride as children all around the globe sing past you. It is the happiest cruise you will ever find. The musical boat will take you on a ride over the seven seaways through the seven continents. The 10-minute journey while singing the anthem of world peace will take you through the vivid scenes and sounds to represent several nations.

If you don’t know It’s a Small World, here we have a brief description of this. It’s a Small World, is a creation for the New York World’s fair 1964-1965. Walt Disney, with the support of UNICEF, made this big. It was there for two seasons, and then it got shifted to Disneyland park on May 28, 1966.

In 1971, a re-created version of It’s a Small World took place in the magic kingdom. It is a joyful, musical, and slow ride with no bar for age and height. Everyone can enjoy their magical musical Small World here. Moreover, you will find this attraction at the fantasyland in the magic kingdom.

Astro orbiter

Have you held on tight enough? Your retro two-passenger spacecraft is now in the air. It picked up the speed and now spinning in the galaxy, Captain. Yes, you are the Captain here. So, push out or pull in the lever to control the high you fly.

If you ever had a  dream to fly a spaceship, it’s time to make your dream come true. Age and height are just a number, and it does not matter in this ride. If you enjoy the slow ride that involves spinning, you have come to the right passage. You will find the orbiter ride in Tomorrowland.

Country Bear Jamboree

Want to spend 16 minutes of your life enjoying the cele-bear-tion? Well. Yes, you heard it right. A celebration of the bears clapping, singing, entertaining is what you call a cele-bear-tion. As you enter the rustic theater called Grizzly Hall and take your seat, the lights will go dim. 18 audio-animatronics Hillbilly bears will play and sing original classic tunes. The zaniest critters in the woods are behind these medleys.

You and your little ones will love the show consisting overflow of humor, heartfelt joy, and surprises. There is no bar of age and height. Moreover, it is the show you can be a complete kid with your child to enjoy this knee-slapping show located in Frontierland.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Remember the cutest elephant in the circus who discovered his ability to fly high? Who can forget Dumbo? The cutest and everyone’s favorite circus elephant is here to take you on a ride. As we talk about Dumbo, we cannot deny that Timothy Q, the Mouse was the only faithful friend that helped Dumbo. He will also be there to help you aloft with the magic feather dumbo has.

Your journey around the storybook circus begins as the jubilant organ melody reaches your ear. But do you know what the best part about Dumbo’s memorable ride is? It is that you can control whether you will fly higher or stay lower. Dumbo has something more to offer you.

Before you take your flights off, you can enter the top tent and enjoy the air-conditioned playground made for everyone regardless of age. Soar high with Dumbo, the flying elephant no matter what is your age or height. It is a slow, spinning ride, and you can find it in fantasyland.

Splash Mountain

Are you looking for some thrilling water rides? Well. The happy-go-lucky Br’ er Rabbit looks for his happy place, and you can join him in his journey through a colorful southern bayou. As you enjoy the ride with Br’ er Rabbit, you must be aware of the Br’ er Bear and Br’ er Fox who pursue the wayward hare.

The music of nature, which means the adorable audio of frogs, raccoons, possums, bees, alligators, etc., will mesmerize you. Not only over 100 audios but also the critters of Disney will sing the classic Disney originals such as Ev’rybody’s Got a Laughing Place to make your glide more beautiful.

However, you will get wet in this ride as there are 950,000 gallons of water, three dips, and a 5-story drop. So, there is no chance you will stay dry after the ride. However, you can determine how wet you will get by the seat you book. Don’t worry about the items you want to keep dry, as there are lockers to keep them dry and safe.

Since this ride includes fips and drops, height is a matter of fact here. One must at least be 102cm to enter this ride. The taller, the better. Kids, tweens, teens, adults, everyone can enjoy this ride. Also, you will find this adventure in Frontierland.

Tickets Magic Kingdom

Cinderella Castle

Who doesn’t know Cinderella? Almost all girls dream of wearing Cinderella’s gown and enter a Castle in their childhood. So, the tickets Magic Kingdom manages to make your childhood dream come true.

Cinderella’s Castle is a 189-foot landmark that is the gateway to fantasyland. The ground surrounding Cinderella’s Castle gives you many opportunities to take pictures. You will find Cinderella’s own wishing well, gardens, etc.

Do you know what’s more interesting? Well, you can sit and enjoy a meal at Cinderella’s Royal Table. However, don’t forget to reserve your table to have fine royal dining.

Do you think that there can be a bar to be eligible to explore Cinderella’s Castle? No way. There is no age or height bar to stop you from making your dream come true. People of every age can walk inside and enjoy royal dining.

You will find Cinderella’s Castle replicated from Cinderella’s Disney story in the fantasy land. Also, as you walk inside the Castle, you will see the handcrafted glass mosaic representing the iconic story of orphan Cinderella becoming a princess.

Tickets Magic Kingdom

Swiss Family Treehouse

Want to have a 360-degree view of the Adventureland of the magic kingdom? The Swiss family treehouse allows you to get this view only if you can climb up 116 stairs to reach the top six-story high treehouse. Also, the base of the treehouse has a wooden wheel that gathers water from the stream. A series of ingenious contraptions take it to the rooms inside the treehouse.

Final thoughts

The adventures of Adventure Land, the Magic Kingdom, don’t end here. If you want to enjoy all the rides and adventures along with your favorite Disney characters, book your tickets to the Magic Kingdom today. You can contact their helpline numbers to know further details or visit the official website to book your tickets right away.

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