Disney 50th Anniversary Celebrations to Keep You Hooked for 18 Months

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Are you excited about the Disney 50th anniversary celebration? Want to know what to do and where to go? Here is a list of fun things to explore at Disney World Florida for the upcoming 18 months!

How it all began?

After five years of the death of Walt Disney, in the landmark year of 1971, when the American world was fighting wars all over the world, a magical world of utopia was opened, called Walt Disney World or popularly known as Disney World.

As the name suggests, all Disney’s creations, characters, themes, and ideas came alive in this specific arena, making a dream escape for souls across the world. This vacation resort opened on October 1, 1971, where guests who had the luxury of money and time could open their “anywhere door” and hop into this magical world of make-believe.

Leaving behind the melancholy of daily life, this place promised the elite a carefree utopia where they could “live life to the leas,” just like King Ulysses.

So, 2021 is the year of Disney 50th anniversary, and here are all the details of fun that started on October 1.

On the 25th anniversary of Walt Disney World, they gave the Cinderella Castle a temporary layover of a birthday cake!

There was another refashioning of landmarks in-store as well. However, if you want to witness the actual magic that this 18 month-long celebration is to kick-tart, then all these previous elaborations will seem like a prelude to you.

Disney 50th Anniversary Celebrations

October 1, 2021, was the date when the celebrations began for Disney anniversary 2021. They have already made many previous announcements related to several event gestures that will take place in each park.

There are many new announcements and excitement around the same. We have compiled a comprehensive list of what to expect from this grand Disney 50th anniversary celebration.

1. Iconic Makeovers

If a cake can emerge out of a castle (kudos to the brain of the planners), then everything is possible in that world.

In its 25th Disney anniversary celebrations, a birthday cake layover was temporarily given to the Cinderella Castle. Other than this, people have witnessed a trendy canvas of several other makeovers which have mesmerized kids-adults or old persons alike.

Disney World suffered a setback as it was shut down for the entire 2020 year owing to the pandemic, but it didn’t collapse. Despite facing a massive storm, it kept its sails high and worked hard to make the anniversary celebrations worth it.

Also, did you know, 2021 also marks the 70th anniversary of Cinderella’s cinematic adaptations? What more do you want to catalyze the festive mood in Disney World this year?

Previously, the color combination of the Castle was blue and gray, but this time it is transformed into a delightful mold of pinks. The top spires are colored in bold blue-trimmed, ribboned, and bordered with an illuminating gold.

These changes have been the reason for some debates as it tampers with the age-old color tradition. However, this color scheme re-invigorates the dominant theme of “EARidescent Excitement” of Disney 50th anniversary celebrations.

If you think your favorite characters are not getting any endowments, and only their house is getting rebuild, you’re mistaken.

The wardrobes of the EARidescent 8 or the gang of 8 that is Dale, Chip, Daisy, Pluto, Goofy, Donald, Minnie, and Micky floods with new colors and dresses.

They are gearing up for taking up their baton in the event as well. Their dress patterns have also followed the color scheme seen across Disney World this year. Their costumes are a mixture of EARdescent pink, purple and blue tones and the color schemes of the Cinderella Castle.

If you can’t even show off a festive makeover, what is its point at all? So, in different periods, the celebration Cavalcade of Mickey will travel across the Magic Kingdom.

By this, the guests will tune in to the essence of the one-and-a-half year-long event and witness the revolution in the new fashion style of the gang.

2. New Adventures

Your new adventure on Remy’s Ratatouille

Location: EPCOT, France Pavillion

Located in EPCOT of the France Pavilion, Remy’s Ratatouille has finally got a new location previously scheduled in 2020.

He is partnering with Figment as EPCOT’s brand new natural mascot in the International Food and Wine Festival.

Embrace yourself because this will be a fantastic 4-D experience, and here the guests will be downsized to a size of a rat roaming around freely in the restaurant of Gusteau. This is one of those rides which doesn’t have a mandatory height bar for family rides.

So, your family’s little prince and princesses can very well take part in this ride. The attraction hasn’t left the cinema behind. Instead, it contains abundant references to the movie.

Starting from the Parisian roof to the embellished and detailed surrounding scenery, the whole set will give you a feeling that you have got a ticket to the Ratatouille cinema frame.

Disney 50th Anniversary

3. Shows in the Daytime and Night Spectacles

Disney Enchantment

Location: Magic Kingdom, Cinderella Castle, and Main Street USA

Located in Mainstreet, all eyes set for the Mouse House. The house has kept the expectations soaring as it had earlier promised that the guests will get a chance to tour a land of wonder along with magic while tuning in to a famous soothing song of Phillip Lawrence named “You are the Magic.”

In the night, the aesthetic film reels and famous soundtracks will accompany the dazzling and colorful firework. There will also be several visual projections upon both the Cinderella Castle, also the up-street buildings in Main Street.

Your little hats might get a little imbalanced when your favorite Tinkerbell hushes through the air making all the make-beliefs real for a few moments.

So, this time in Disney 50th anniversary, enchantment again proves that Disney is overwhelming itself to revamp life in the parks.


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4. Harmonious

Location: EPCOT, World Showcase Lagoon

October 1 marked the debut of Harmonious in EPCOT Forever, which is by far the most significant nighttime spectacles ever showcased in a Disney Park.

Around 240 artists sang in Disney anthems around 12 different languages. As the name suggests, the main motive of the show was to create harmony through musical melody.

Gather, Celebrate and Unite are the three stages in which the program got divided. Guests witnessed the magic in these three stages and went into a world of wonder and magic, lighting, pyrotechnics, moving fountains, and music tag along to augment their journeys.

5. Disney Kite Tails

Location: Animal Kingdom, Discovery River Amphitheatre

This venue in Animal Kingdom features a new show at the park’s amphitheater, which used to be the stage for the Rivers of Light.

Variously shaped and sized kites (some as high as 30 feet) and colorful water parades brought life to this show.

The manifestations of Baloo Zazoo, Simba, King Louie, along with other friends from the Animal Kingdom, were there to befriend the guests. Also, this is not a one-time show, and it happens in rounds, so all the families will get opportunities to witness this.


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6. Beacons of Magic

Location- Across all parks

To the visitors’ delight, this is found across all the theme parks.

In this show, each of the icons of Disney park receives visual adornments. Along with that, copies of a created song for Disney 50th anniversary, titled “The Magic is Calling.”

The Hollywood Tower Hotel of Hollywood Studios is shining with the glimmer of celebrations. Enchanted fireflies illuminate the aura of the Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom.

The reflective panels of the Spaceship Earth halted at EPCOT will disseminate the feel of galactic planes, and pixie dust will add to the glamour and glimmer of Cinderella Castle.

7. New Dining Experiences

La Creperie de Paris

Location: EPCOT, France Pavilion

What is a magic world if it is devoid of magical smells of hot, crispy, juicy, creamy, steamy, fluffy food?

If you think these are too many adjectives, then do certainly visit La Creperie de Paris and see it in your own eyes. Disney-themed food adorns the tables.

Buckwheat was imported from Brittany, and the restaurant also featured three different hard cider flavors. You can find this place near Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. Many hints and details tie Remy’s world, France’s Brittany region, and La Creperie de Paris together.

8. Space 220

Location- EPCOT, Future World

Did you ever imagine a dining experience in a space station that too 220 miles above the earth? Well, Disney 50th anniversary provides you with that luxury.

For that, you will have to board any one of the two elevators near Mission Space. Even before you open your eyes, you will reach the special restaurant housed in Centauri Space station.

Fine varieties of wine, cosmic cocktails, along with other extra-terrestrial culinary options, will give you a cosmic experience alongside enjoying the blue planetary view outside.

If you want to outdo Elon Musk and enjoy an exceptional dining experience, book your reservations fast.

9. Other updates from EPCOT that is brand new this time

A new entryway

2021 happens to be the hotspot of many coincidences. Along with the 50th Disney anniversary and 70th Cinderella’s cinematic anniversary, EPCOT stepped into its 39th year.

It means in the upcoming year, it will turn 40. So, celebrations are magnified due to this event as well. They have thus redesigned the entryway of EPCOT, which inspired by the park’s original initial look.

On the opening day, 12 flags represented six initial pavilions. It included two flags on either side of the entryway to greet the guests. A brand new prism-shaped fountain is placed in the center situated in the front space of Spaceship: Earth.

A new ribbon, nicely color-coordinated, is there to welcome the guests. Alongside, much other nighttime lighting and music all through the day adds to the charm of the place.

Club Cool

Location: Future World

Even before the Pandemic, this particular spot closed its entryways. It planned a grand renovation of the Future World of EPCOT. However, after a long gap of two years, Club Cool has opened its doors to guests worldwide. Also, it has returned to its former location near Mouse Gears.

Coco-Cola sponsors this gift shop, and hence most obviously, there will be several Coca-Cola product samples for exhibition. This includes the most popular product, Beverly. Also, there will be some stuff for sale.

So, don’t get disappointed. It isn’t just a museum. The place has also upgraded its font, which is a common transformation in all the EPCOT places. The site looks promising in the given circumstances.

Creation Shop

Location: Future World

Creation Shop is the worthy neighbor of Club Cool. This time regards the 40th anniversary of EPCOT; they opened a new store.

In this outstanding shopping experience, you will get a tinge of nostalgia as well as a contemporary aesthetic. You will also find a 35 feet Mickey Mouse mural, and guess what? The mural is hand-painted.

Large windows help in the flooding of natural air and light. The shop has used Mickey as its creative inspiration and has new designs this time. So, you might make up your mind to get special merchandise made exclusive for Disney 50th anniversary.

10. Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Merchandise

Location: In all parks

We were talking about exclusive Disney anniversary merchandise. It adds one more laurel to the 18-month extravaganza!

Five exclusive collections will dot the event. Among these, three collections were released on the very first day.  They were Celebration, Disney Castle, and Vault Collection.

The first one that is the Celebration collection will commemorate the 50th-anniversary celebrations. The collection will give the guests token gifts that will keep their memory of the event alive.

Disney Castle will be the primary attraction because of its namesake theme park.

Vault Collection is a repertoire of magnificent colors and magnum styles featuring in the opening days of the park. This will bring alive the taste of time.

In late October, EARdescent Collection, with its exclusive festive-themed items, will debut. At the very last, Luxe Logo Collection will throw open its gallery with its fashion products drawing from the color palette of Mickey.

Even if you don’t know much about these, you will find something worthwhile to buy and loads to explore! Bring home a real piece of evading utopia that you felt in Disney World.


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11. Fab 50 Statues

Location: across all parks

This is an exceptional addition to the 50th Disney world anniversary celebration. The name itself says a lot.

The fab 50 statues are for the famous fifty Disney Characters occupying a massive place in all of our hearts.

The statues most obviously include Pluto Dale, Goofy, Daisy, Donald, Minnie, Chip, Mickie, etc.

The Mickie Mouse clubhouse and other characters have found a new place now. The location spans across all four theme parks.

The characters locate following their suitability. For example, you won’t find Pumba in Cinderella Castle. Instead, Pumba and Timon will locate at the Animal Kingdom and Bo-Beep and Woody at your favorite Hollywood Studios.


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Disney Genie Replacing FastPass

The authorities in Disney World have also made good use of 21st-century technology.

In the previous world, genies were supernatural beings. But now, with the new science, they can be accessed over your cell phones. So, this genie service of Disney is another attraction of this time’s celebrations.

There are two types of services. The My Disney Experience App will have a continuous update of the daily itinerary. This helps you remain updated about what’s going on around you.

Another major add-on is that there is also a board that displays the stipulated time for your favorite show to start. It also showcases queue capability virtually.

Another part of the app Genie+ also helps guests schedule their return times set for their favorite attraction. This will cost them around $15 per ticket. If the guests buy this upgrade, they will also get Disney-themed audios, reality lenses augmented, and unlimited access to download photo passes of Disney.

Also, they can buy their return times to return to up to two more popular attractions. However, Genie+ allows you to use the app throughout the day. Hence, you have more freedom if you choose that one. However, the latter app has another lucrative add-on. It has an ascertained ride on several attractions such as Rise of the Resistance, a significant interest in the Lightning Lane.

The Return of the Annual Passes

The much-awaited annual pass programs returned on September 8. This is one of the most exciting things to expect in Disney 50th anniversary celebrations. However, this time Disney hasn’t retained it in the same old way. This time some new changes have been incorporated.

There are four new tiers or levels for Disney tickets:

  1. Pixie Dust charging $99 exclusive of tax
  2. Pirate Pass costing $699 exclusive of tax
  3. Sorcerer Pass worth $899 exclusive of tax
  4. Incredi-Pass $1299 exclusive of tax

Guest feedbacks had a significant say in this design. Despite that, it has given rise to mixed reactions. However, the passes are also limited geographically. Only visitors residing in Florida can access this pass on the Disney world anniversary. However, the members of the vacation club can access the Sorcerer Pass.

The highly expensive Incredi-pass is ironically available for everyone. In fact, what adds to the surprise is, there are no block-out days for the Incredi-pass. However, even if you are a Florida resident, then also you have several block-out days.

However, despite certain disadvantages evoking a popular reaction, there are other perks for the pass holders. Those are special discounts and general free parking. Otherwise, Disney Orlando ticket price is $150 per person.

If you have the pass, then you can even access an already integrated calendar. In this way, you can easily find out the days slots are available in the Disney 50th anniversary. Therefore you can easily book your reservations.

In addition to already allotted reservations, you will also get bonus reservations added with time. You can also take help from some online guides to select the most suitable pass for you.


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Final Thoughts

So, this is time to wrap it up as much as this article is concerned. But this article has provided you with all the necessary details that you need for the huge joy ride that is waiting for you.

Take your kid there and leave all the tensions of your day-to-day life behind. Disney World will welcome you with its open hands. Make a schedule for yourself and your family.

Underline the dates and places that you want to stop by for sure. Close your eyes and immerse in the enigma that you have by far seen only in TVs. This time you will witness and be a part of that enchantment in Disney 50th anniversary for real. Brace yourself and have a great vacation ahead.

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