Flying Dumbo Ride Brings Back Nostalgia With Fun

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The flying Dumbo attraction at Disneyland is one of the many rides that bring back the nostalgia of being young. So start discovering the world and feel the odd sensation of the thrill and excitement of visiting a circus as a child. Flying dumbo attraction or Dumbo the Flying Elephant is located in the section of Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom Park.

The Disney World Dumbo ride is a cute spinning ride with adjustable altitude. This is a perfect ride because it enables people to adjust the height of their individual Disney World Dumbo carriage during the flight.

As this attraction has no size or age limit everyone can enjoy themself atop a soaring elephant! Disney world dumbo is a slow ride as you can control its speed and altitude. It is available for riding from 9 am to 9 pm.

Dumbo Disney World offers guests a wide range of excitement and fun. It is very colorful and has a decorative lighting system. There is also a Dumbo-themed big-top tent for children where before the rides begin. Here children can enjoy themselves in the air-conditioned playground while reading flying Dumbo storybooks as well.

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History of the ride

Flying dumbo is, of course, based on the classic 1941 animated film of the same name. Walt Disney Productions produced the film.

The film explores the dual sides of circuses and their internal workings. Its protagonist is Jumbo Jr. He is ridiculed and cruelly named Dumbo for his looks And big ears.

Dumbo, the flying elephant, can fly while using his ears as wings. Flying Dumbo is very close to his mother, and his excellent friend is Timothy, a mouse.

In general, Walt Disney and Disney movies have an intricate connection with the history of American motion pictures and animated pictures development.

They have significantly contributed to the development of genres and content. It contributed substantially to the growth of Hollywood as one of the big studios and corporations therein. So it is no surprise that elements from Disney theme parks would be an essential part of the American popular culture.

We all know how circuses have historically been a significant social and cultural intersection. The topic ranges within various debates regarding race, its morality, and animal treatment in focus.

So it is no wonder that Dumbo has a place in the museum culture. One of the flying Dumbo is located at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, in their prestigious collection, in Washington, D.C. This was donated there in 2005 because it was the 50th anniversary of Disneyland.

Flying dumbo

About the attraction – the flying Dumbo

Flying dumbo, which is a carousel-style ride, was first opened at Disneyland in the year 1955. You can find this aerial ride at six separate Disney parks around the world.

The unique feature of this ride is that it is the only ride one can find at all of the six Disney parks castles worldwide. Located in the Storybook Circus or Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom, flying dumbo rides have miniature flying dumbo elephants that are vehicles that spin at a relatively moderate speed.

The six parks with Dumbo the flying elephant rides are. Disneyland, Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom in Fantasyland, Tokyo Disneyland in Fantasyland, Disneyland Park Paris in Fantasyland, Hong Kong Disneyland Fantasyland, and Shanghai Disneyland in Gardens of Imaginations.

The Dumbo ride Disneyland has 16 flying dumbo vehicles. They are painted in different vibrant colored versions of little Dumbo from the movie. These carousels are mounted on armatures that are affixed to a rotating hub.

The Dumbo flying elephant ride grants its passengers the opportunity to maneuver the joystick and thus either fly low or high.

Songs and music from the animated film Dumbo play while the rides spin counterclockwise. Dumbo’s friend from the movie, Timothy Q. Mouse, turns atop the central hub and has a magic feather on the top. He stands on a hot air balloon.

Outside there is an extra flying dumbo. This is an attraction serving as a tourist spot. Here the visitors and guests can take a photo beside their favorite big-eared elephant! The flying Dumbo wears his original regular costume. It has a saddled pink blanket, and Timothy has his hat in Tokyo Disneyland’s photo spot.

dumbo the flying elephant

Spotting the flying elephant

Along with the vibrantly colored and beautifully detailed flying dumbo vehicles, there is an additional effect of night fountains that change their color in the evening.

There are artistic and fun depictions of Dumbo and the movie on the panels of the attraction. The panels appear beautiful to children who love to see Dumbo everywhere. It is very similar to the way the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel attraction.

According to the animated film, a unique feature of this ride is an indoor queue themed according to the Bigtop from the animated movie.

Ticket-themed pagers are handed out to the guests while they wait in line, which is neat. Children can also play to Dumbo’s fire rescue scene, a favorite scene from the movie for the children.

On the back of the Fantasy cruise ship, one can find the logo of Dumbo, its miniature figure painting the logo onto the cruise ship. Disney Fantasy is a cruise ship featuring many Disney-related themes and characters aboard. There are other attractions like Buzz Lightyears’s Space Ranger spin and Astro Orbiter. These and the flying

Book tickets online for safety and practical reasons. Enquire about the details of the vacations, resort/dining facilities from the official website of Disney or call the number provided there. But The ride has Wheelchair/ECV accessibility with the regulation of assisting children under the age of seven by people older than 14 or older.

Thus, the flying dumbo ride in Magic Kingdom is a must-visit for children and adults to have fun while spending time together.

Flying with Dumbo

Follow COVID regulations here and be mindful of the rules. Have fun with family and friends. Spend quality time with your favorite cartoon characters. Reconnect with your lost childhood while also enjoying the youth of your children.

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