Disney World Orlando Tips to Remember When Visiting

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Visiting Disney World Orlando is a dream-come-true moment for many. The ones who have visited it already describe their experience as magical. Going to Disney World means transporting in an entirely new world.

Everything looks colorful and bright here, and there is something for everyone. Therefore, the memories you are going to create there should be perfect. So, a few tips down the sleeve will help you make your experience better. Besides, knowing the correct facts will help you ensure there is minimum wastage of time and money.

What are the tips to remember before visiting Disney World Orlando?

Here is a list of points that you should follow. Note that it is always better to get answers to all your questions, especially if it is your debut at Disney World Orlando.

The best time to visit is either before the opening hours

The most straightforward approach to get the most out of your Disney World Passes is to spend the entire day there.

If you get at Disney World before the gates open, you will be among the first in line, avoiding the long queue that emerges later in the day.

Get the most popular rides out of the way first, and then relax and enjoy the rest of your day.

Request staff at the Disney World Orlando for a selfie

This is an important tip to know before you are at the Disney World Orlando gates. If you want to take selfies or photos with Disney characters, there is no need to purchase a Disney Photo Pass. Instead, you can request a staff member click you with your favorite character using your phone or camera.

Plan what to eat in advance to save a lot of time

Food at Disney World can be pricey. Moreover, it’s worse if you wait in line for more than an hour to get something for a snack.

So, plan or use the Disney App to order food. Then, if you still want something to keep you going, go to a restaurant and order some snacks or lunch.

You can also get free water at any stand selling food and drinks at Disney World. Therefore, there’s no need to carry large water bottles or pay for drinks you don’t want!

However, some of the eateries are superb and worth visiting. For those unaware, Disney World Orlando also has excellent allergen-free cuisines.

Disney World Orlando Food

The Disney Holiday Pass you choose matters

How long do you plan on staying in Orlando? What all are you planning to explore? What is your budget like? Finding answers to these questions is essential before determining which ticket is appropriate for you.

Disney World passes range from one day to an annual pass. However, some passes allow you to visit only one park per day or jump between them.

It is recommended for you to get the four-day, four-park pass. It allows you to visit one park each day and can prove to be the best deal.

Specials on Disney World tickets change frequently. However, the best way to save money on Disney World tickets is to book in advance through an approved store, using discounts, if any available.

Use the official Disney App

This is arguably the most useful Disney World tip anyone can offer. Now is the time to download the app, research the park, and book your Disney World Orlando tickets online! You can log in, and purchase passes (up to three per day) to skip the line at the most popular rides.

This is going to be a game-changer. However, because this is something that everyone does, you can instead get your tickets 30 days in advance. It is so that you are prepared when the pass is released online.

It would help if you aimed to utilize them as quickly as possible because you can get more during the day once you exhaust your passes. All you have to do is keep checking the app.

Make sure to take a break

Nobody can spend a whole day in the sun at Disney World without exhaustion. So get the big rides out of the way early in the day (or late in the day) and schedule the sit-down shows between 2 and 5 pm.

Of course, you’ll need more breaks than this. So, try to spend as little time as possible in the heat and as much time as possible in air-conditioned stores.

Make sure you have a good plan in advance

The Disney World Parks are enormous and can be challenging to navigate. Plan your must-see rides and attractions, keep track of parades and fireworks.

Also, keep a plan ready of how you want the day to go. For example, go for the group rides first because they are all close. All of this will result in less stress, less time spent in the scorching sun, and more time spent having fun!

Pack your bags wisely

Dogs, drones, foldable chairs, glass containers, luggage or big backpacks, selfie sticks, toy guns or water pistols, tripods, and plastic straws are prohibited at Disney World Orlando. You cannot carry alcohol, anything unlawful, drugs, weapons, and more.

Disney World security is serious business. Moreover, they will ask you to return it to your car or toss it away if they find anything. So, make sure you pack your suitcase and belongings correctly.

Save The Best Disney World Park For Last

The final Disney World Orlando tip is also the most important one. It is that you should save the best experience for the last. This will keep the excitement intact during the entire trip.

Keeping the Magic Kingdom for the last day is good because the fireworks alone are unforgettable. However, if you are a huge Avatar fan, you may want to save Pandora for last.

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