How to Manage Disney Crowds on the Busiest Days?

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Previously, we told you that the best way to dodge Disney crowds is to visit on weekdays or not during holiday times. But if you are somehow who only gets holidays like everyone else, you might not be able to skip visiting on busy days at Disney World.

What Disney crowds look like?

Crowd and Disney World go hand-in-hand. To think of it, why would it not, right? It is not an unknown fact that Disney World is many of our go-to dream vacation spots. Hence, given a chance, people look to book tickets to this place. As a result, just n a regular day too, this place welcomes a considerable crowd.

Quite naturally, during special occasions and holidays, the crowd becomes double or sometimes triple what it usually is. When there is any major launch of a new ride, attraction, or during the holidays, the crowd here reaches its limits.

Now, if you have booked your tickets during any of these times, the chances of you getting overwhelmed are enormous. Disney World, when there are huge Disney crowds, can become annoying. Yes, you read that right. Things here can become confusing and too crowded.

There can be times when you would even question your decision of being here at a time as such. But, here is the trick that many people are unaware of. Did you know that following or taking care of some little things can bring many things in control during these times?

Well, that is right. We have been at Disney World during these seasons many a time and have thus gathered some major tips from our experiences.

Tips to manage Disney crowds during busy days

Hence, let us have a read to know what these tips and tricks are:

Keep some extra time in hand

Here is the most important thing that we would probably like to mention first. Keep some extra hours in mind when it comes to being at the park during the crowd season.

We all know that when the volume of the crowd is more, things would surely get delayed. Hence, you would miss out on a lot of things just because of being lazy and thus late.

Since the crowd would be huge, the time required to get things done would also require a lot of time.

Therefore, here is something you can do to maintain the gaps. All you would have to do is be a little earlier than you usually would.

This includes giving up on your leisure time as well. Well to save some time, you would have to include some changes. That is, give up on your sleep, get out of bed a little early, and be at the park before the rope drops. The reason is simple.

The later you come, the more crowded the place would be. This means that the time you would require to experience the rides and attractions would be more because you would be in the queue.

Apart from this, also keep in mind that everything else would also require more time than usual. This could be using the washroom or getting the transport and other things. Hence, in the conclusion, the best suggestion is to keep a lot of extra time in your hand.

disney crowds

Get to know about Virtual Queues in detail

Virtual queues are one of the most important that you must be aware of if you are not yet already.

Well, you must now be wondering what is the reason behind this, right? This is mainly due to the fact that there are many rides and attractions that have made virtual queues their main way of getting in.

Therefore, without having any knowledge of virtual queues you might even miss the chances of entering these rides or attractions.

Here are some of the rides and attractions that have made their main way of enjoying these through virtual queues.

They are Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, and Rise of the Resistance amongst others.

However, while maintaining the virtual queues, have a complete read of the rules. This is mainly due to the fact that in the past we have come across several times when the rules have been modified or changed.

Hence, to be completely sure of all the new rules, make it a point to have a look at it on the day you are on the virtual queue as well.

Be gentle to the cast members

Well, we do understand that since the crowd would be huge, the waiting time would also be huge.

Hence, the chances of you getting lost, confused, annoyed, and irritated are also huge. But it is also important to realize that in all of these, the cast members are no way at fault.

As the park gets crowded, the responsibility of the cast members also increases. Their duties and responsibilities ensuring everything inside the park run smoothly increase hugely.

Therefore, when you are there during these peak hours, make it a point to be extra kind towards all the cast members that you would come across.

Well, the real point is to be extra kind to them at all times. But, especially during the times when the crowd is huge, they get to bear a lot of miserable thighs.

That is right, most guests have the tendency to take their frustration out on the cast members.

If you have been there at such times, you would be aware of all the names, yells, and misbehavior that they are made to go through.

However, truth to be told, these lead to no good at all. Instead, it just spoils the mood and adds to an otherwise already overwhelming day for the cast members.

Therefore, remember to be extra sweet, patient, and calm when you talk to them. As a matter of fact, not just during days when things get too busy, but make it a point to be kind to everyone always.

disney crowds

Ensure that you book your passes beforehand

Are you looking forward to being at Disney World at the grand opening of any rides and attractions or during any celebrations?

Then the best suggestion that you could take is to not wait and book the passes right at this moment. That is if you have not already.

Well, in case you were not aware already, attending any of such opening or grand celebrations requires a Disney World Park Pass reservation. This pass is something that you would have to show right at the gate to enter.

Hence, the best thing to ensure that you would get to be a part of the celebrations is to ensure that you have your passes booked beforehand. This is mostly applicable to all the people who think that they would get the passes as and when they would enter the park.

Well, for those who are unaware, the passes for the opening of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind were all sold out the very day the opening dates were announced?

Also, the passes that were meant for the 50th-anniversary celebration of Disney World were all booked more than a year and a half before. Therefore, booking your passes right at the moment is definitely not a solution.

Now, let us learn about the consequences of what could happen if you do not have a proper pass to enter the park. Well, the consequence is just one and simple, that is, you would be turned away and not let it. This has happened several times in the past as well and the additional guests were not allowed to enter the park.

Keep your eyes open for surprises

Here is our last tip for managing Disney crowds: It is definitely something that you would look forward to. Especially when you are at Disney World to celebrate something grand. That is, Disney World gives out sweet treats to the guests during these occasions.

Yes, you heard that right. There have been many times in the past that we have noticed Disney World giving out these sweet surprises to its guests.

For instance, during the grand celebration of the 50th anniversary of Disney World, the guests were given commemorative prints. Let us have a look at another example.

In the past during the opening of a new ride or an attraction, guests were given cupcakes. These were made specifically to mark the opening of the ride.

Hence, here is an important tip from us. If you or anyone you know is at Disney World during any celebration, ensure to be alert. However, in this context, there is also one important thing to mention.

It is that there is no rule that a surprise would be available for the guests. There could also be times when you find no special treats planned for the guests. It is advisable to understand and leave it to luck at those times.

Final Thoughts

Let us be honest. We all dream of being present at Disney World during one of its big days. And why not?

We would then get to witness the grand celebrations. Yes, things can often be messy and you might even question your decision of being there for some moment. However, following the above 5 tips can make thighs somewhat easier for you while you are there.

No matter what, during these times, remember to be patient and kind towards anyone you bump into amidst the Disney crowds. This is more since everyone is facing and living the same feeling there like you.

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