Riviera Hotel Disney – All You Need to Know

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Riviera Hotel Disney is one of Skyliner’s most popular and attractive DVC properties. Situating beside the Caribbean Beach Resort, Riviera Hotel Disney is considered by many tourists as the first choice of residence on their trip to Disney World.

So, if you are interested in knowing the pros and cons of staying at Riviera Hotel Disney, you should follow this article.

There are around 300 vacation homes in this Deluxe resort. This includes grand villas that accommodate 12 guests, two and one-bedroom villas and studios.

The new Tower Studios room accommodating two guests is a mind-blowing addition to this resort.

The architecture and the atmosphere of the Riviera Hotel Disney would reflect a blend of European style and the old-school elegant touch of Disney aesthetics. Thus, all these make Riviera Hotel Disney a resort filled with contrasts.


So, let’s talk about the cons of staying at Riviera Hotel Disney, and then we will skip to the good part.

The location

Usually, Disney Vacation Clubs resorts are situated nearby to one another, which helps make them a little budget-friendly.

Moreover, the designs and atmosphere of these resorts fall in line with the luxury and extravaganza that we tend to associate with Deluxe Hotels at Disney World.

However, Riviera Resort fails to make it up to those expectations. It is situated adjacent to the Caribbean Beach Resort, but its grey towers stand in contrast to the Caribbean Beach Resort.

The architecture: Exterior

The architecture of the building complex is not as extravagant and charming as a Disney resort usually is.

The name of the hotel derives from a combination of Italian and French architectural styles, which are filled with intricate details and are ornate and rich.

However, the Riviera Resort of Disney World fails to bear any similarity from where it originates. Its architecture is rather dull with some mansard roofing, colorful window shutters, and awning.

It doesn’t have a similarity with the French or Italian Riviera. Instead, it shares more commonality with Val d’Europe, an adjacent town to Paris’ Disneyland. Moreover, this architectural monotony is not consistent, making it even worse.

There are hallways connecting the towers which don’t have windows. Then there are instances where a stand-alone window is confused about its existence and purpose.

Instead of two, there is one window at the end of the building, which is also glaringly off-centered.

The interior design

The effort the makers seem to have saved in the reduced architectural splendor seems to have been invested in the exaggerated placements of artworks and photos of Lillian and Walt in Europe.

However, there is also a striking dissimilarity between the places Walt Disney had visited on French Riviera and those depicted in the artworks.

Not every interior designers know the difference between decorations and themes. These photos and artworks could have been an excellent match had they adorned the walls of a lavish resort. However, the Riviera Hotel Disney they do not serve any purpose.

The lobby

One of the other places which lack a strong impression is the lobby of the Riviera Resort. The lobby looks just like another moderate hotel which is in so much contrast to the other Disney Resorts.

The number of seating is also limited. So, guests might have to stand while waiting for the Magical Express or their room allocation.

However, it might be a starting point to start thinking about the good things about the Riviera Resort. Not all hotels need any grandiose lobby nowadays.

They prefer an intimate introduction to the hotel premises to a huge one that separates a guest from its premises. The lobby has a combined feeling of tradition and contemporary, and it kind of sets the tone of interior design on a proper footing.

Even though there is a huge lack of architectural splendor in the exteriors of Riviera Hotel Disney, the interior design is very balanced.

The detailing and textures of several varieties might lower guests’ minds. The walls, ceilings, trim, carpet, tile, and also artwork adds to the beauty of the interior of the Hotel Riviera Disney.

The artwork

Also, if you have the eyes, you will spot the artworks designed exclusively for this hotel. All these arts enliven the hotel stay.

See the interior and infuse it with brightness and cheerfulness that is so much lacking in the exterior design.

If Riviera Hotel Disney looks like a corporate office from the outside, from the inside, it gives off the vibe of a perfect Disney World Deluxe Resort.

Thus, if you are interested in art history and have a basic understanding of the French art movements, you will figure that the interior design of the Riviera Hotel is a mix of neoclassicism and French Baroque.

However, either of the two styles boasts very intricate artforms, and the styles in the resort are not as intricate as theirs. However, the infrastructure, color, and artworks inside the guest’s room perfectly give out a subtler vibe of these forms.

The rooms

The guest rooms are simultaneously modern, themed, and luxurious. Disney has struggled hard to maintain this balance. Finally, the guest rooms of Riviera Rooms say something otherwise.

Also, the two and one-bedroom units and studios might be compared with those at Villas of Grand Floridian Resort. Even though the latter will bag the top position, the Riviera Resort will lose it only by a close margin.

However, the guest’s rooms are superior to the standard rooms of the Grand Floridian Hotel. Moreover, these rooms at Riviera Hotel Disney are superior to the rooms in Contemporary, Bay Lake Tower, Boardwalk, Beach Club, and other resorts.

The Tower Studios is the newest addition. The bathrooms at the higher tiers are quite nice. The Deluxe Studio Rooms are the best additions. The rooms have a lot of functional spaces and features along with some subtle aesthetic touches- perfect combinations of European inspiration and Disney themes.


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 The compact layout

The Riviera Hotel Disney’s dominant architectural theme is compact. So, the landscaping and the grounds make it more intimate.

The grounds of the hotel are both charming and intimate. The games on the lawns can serve as a perfect time for the guests at the hotel. The pools are also sufficient. However, those will not be why someone would want to book their stay at this hotel.

The pools

The beau Soleil and Riviera pool at Riviera Hotel Disney are more suitable for sunbathing and lounging than swimming. So, these are the perfect spots if you are up for either of the two. The pool also has good quality lounge chairs, a range of seating, and nice sun umbrellas.

There is also a 30-foot tower turret water slide. Fantasia characters might enthrall smaller kids at S’il Vous Play Area. If these do not quench your desire, you can also have fun at Fuentes del Morro “Pirate Fortress” Pool at the adjacent Caribbean Beach resort. Pool Hopping for Rivera Resort guests is allowed to Caribbean Resort. However, vice versa is not allowed.


If one asks you to point out one thing Riviera excels in, it is its dining. The best character meal is served at Topolino’s Terrace character breakfast A La Art with Mickey and Friends. There is also a signature meal at dinner. All of these make quite a strong impression on the guests’ minds.

Primo Piatto is the resort’s counter service restaurant. They also have Le Petit Café, Voyageur’s Lounge, Bar Riva, and the pool gelato stand.

Moreover, you can also take a short walk and go to Caribbean Beach for some exceptional dining options that might make your stay better at Riviera Hotel Disney.


Another thing that one should consider while planning a Disney trip stay is transportation. This is another perk of staying at the Disney Riviera Hotel.

The Skyliner gondola station is situated right beside the towers of the Riviera Hotel Disney. This undoubtedly is one of the biggest advantages of staying at Riviera Resort.

You will need fifteen minutes to get out of the Resort’s door, board the gondola, and arrive at Hollywood Studios or EPCOT. Isn’t this a huge advantage that needs no overstatement? Moreover, Skyliner is one of the most important perks of Riviera Resort.

There are also more prompt bus services. Also, they are necessarily always overfilled.

Riviera Hotel Disney
Image Source; Flickr

Other comparisons

The Riviera Resort has always been put in comparison with Grand Floridian Resort. The comparison between their rooms has already been made. However, other resorts also fill you in with a good stay.

Caribbean Beach is a moderate resort with multiple bus stops and exterior hallways. So, it doesn’t share many similarities with Riviera in these regards.

Moreover, it has better pools and two Skyliner stations and is within walking distance of Riviera’s dining zone. However, Riviera will outwit the Caribbean in its nicer rooms, upscale vibe, and compact layout.

Coronado Springs’ Gran Destino features in the next list of comparisons. While it has its differences, the most significant is that it doesn’t have a Skyliner.

But it has luxurious and modern amenities and also elevated dining. However, even if the lobby is impressive and the cost is cheaper, the rooms are not outstanding.


The rates at Riviera are absurdly high. Moreover, these high prices do not have any justification. There are chances that you can get lucky and have 35-40% off, making it affordable.

However, it is no wonder a Disney Vacation Club member would love to stay here. Moreover, the guests will also use the perks of staying at a Disney Vacation Club Resort.

Apart from the Tower Studio, however, the cost is not too high if we consider points. If you stay for one night in the studio, you will have to spend between $250 and $350.

The cost will depend on the season. You can also read about the essential tips for renting Disney Vacation Club points if you are interested in collecting more points.

However, the stay at Riviera Resort should be good for guests. Even though the architectural patterns are weak, they are not a major plus in all cases.

The grounds, dining, interior, transportation, and other facilities are bound to make a strong impression upon the guests. However, this varies from person to person.

An analysis

Someone would rather argue that the rooms should matter the most as you are not staying on the field while the blindingly beautiful hotel exterior gazes down on you.

Others think that while being on a Disney outing, every details matter.

If you shift your focus from the exterior, then some mesmerizing qualities of Riviera Hotel Disney that you might not find at other places.

You cannot have everything at the same time. To get something, you will have to sacrifice something.

So, our article will help you gauge your priorities. Even though the exterior is dull, its proximity to Skyliner is a major plus. Moreover, the quality of the rooms where you will stay for the longest time is also nice.

If you are too much worried about the exterior, you can always walk up to any other resort and take some beautiful pictures for your social media wall.

The dining of the Riviera Hotel Disney is also the best among many other resorts at Disney World. As mentioned earlier, it serves the best character dining experience.

However, if you are still confused about the pros and cons of staying at the resort, here is some advice.

It is best to go and have a look at the hotel rooms personally! That will help you in making a wise decision.

Riviera Hotel Disney
Image Source; Flickr

Final Thoughts

So, this article has laid down all the advantages and disadvantages of staying at Riviera Hotel Disney. Now, the decision is yours.

A stay during the Disney trip should be the coziest so that you won’t regret it later. So, take your decisions accordingly!

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