Disney World Transport System Guide With Pros and Cons

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Disney World transport system guide will help you plan how you wish to get to the world of magic and make the most of your time!

There is a saying that spontaneous vacations are the best, and planned vacations never work. With all due respect to spontaneous planners, a Disney World trip cannot work well if you don’t plan it.

Planning the trip includes various topics, from measuring your child’s height to selecting transportation, making advance dining reservations, and many more. This article will specifically focus on choosing the right Disney World transport.

There are many transportation options available for making your Disney World trip smooth. However, some people consider one option better while others don’t.

You can either rent a car, travel via Disney transportation, or book rideshare services. So, depending upon the detailed pros and cons, you can select your means of transportation.

Disney World Transport

One of Disney’s most preferred transportation means is the ones provided. Many visitors have said they prefer Disney transportation to get the feeling of the vacation right from the airport. Let us have a look at some of the best Disney World transport.

Different Transportation Services

Happy Limousine Service

One of the most luxurious and delightful transportation services to Disney World is Happy Limousine Service.

They are modern-day horse and carriage services for the visitor. Whether you are a big business tycoon or a solo traveler who loves solitude, the Happy Limousine Service will cover it all!

If you are going to Disney World via sea route, Happy Limousine Service will happily reach there to transfer you to your hotel room.

Disney Buses

Another most viable option for Disney World transport is taking the buses. Some buses even have character crews. So, the moment you step on the buses, the feel of enjoying Disney World will hit you.

Usually, the buses can accommodate up to 70+ guests. In 2014, the longest buses measuring 60 inches, came into the market, accommodating more than 120 guests.

However, seating on the buses which are fully loaded can be a little discomforting because the seats are small.

But, the Disney bus service is well connected with the resorts, water parks, Disney Springs, and theme parks.

So, if you have entered Disney World and want to get on a bus to theme parks from your resort, you can do that.

Bus service starts 45 minutes before the opening time of the theme parks. Moreover, you can return to your resort after the park has closed. However, the return service is only till one hour after closing time.

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Disney Skyliner

This Diseny World transport system was launched in September 2019. Disney Skyliner Gondola System is a system where gondolas fly you to your select destination.

Disney Skyliner operates between Art of Animation and Pop Century Resorts, Disney’s Riviera Resort and Caribbean Beach Resort, Hollywood Studios, and International Gateway of EPCOT.

Around 300 gondolas are employed in this service. They are in eight different colors. Some gondolas even have a character wallpaper on their outer surface.

The gondolas travel at the height of 60’ and a speed of 11mph. So, this is a very fast and swift means of transportation within Disney World.

Disney Monorails and trains

If you visit hill stations to look at the cute little doll-house-like rail stations, you will also love it here in Magic Kingdom.

The rail stations have magnificent architecture. Moreover, Disney rail and mono rail services are very efficient. So, you can very easily select them.

There are three monorail roads, and you must book the tickets from Transportation and Ticket Centre. There are express and standard monorail services. Also, there is a resort monorail service.

disney world transportation

Disney boats

Disney boats are your best choice if you are not in a rush and want to enjoy a relaxing ride in the Magic Kingdom.

Ferry boats starting from TTC will take you to Magic Kingdom. You can even book a return trip with them as they operate between these two regions. These boats also have timing like the Disney buses.

They start operating before 45 minutes of park opening and continue to offer services until 45 minutes after closing. Each boat can accommodate 600 passengers.

Trams and Minnie Vans

Apart from all these, you can also select Disney trams and Minnie Vans. Lyft app operates the Minnie Van service.

You can request transportation from Orlando Airport to your resort and vice versa. This service came back since June 29, 2022.

Disney trams are the most efficient for covering short distances. If you have parked your car at the end of the parking row, these trams can transport you from there to the front gate of the theme park.

Disney World Transport System to choose and why?

So, these are the various Disney transportation services you can avail of if you have decided to come to Disney World. The reasons why guests prefer to choose Disney Transportation are multifarious.

While some people do not want to drive while on vacation and want to transfer the burden of finding routes and parking lots to experts, others have different reasons.

Some people point to the increased price of rental services. So, according to some visitors, if you are inclined to save time, it is better to get an Uber instead of renting a car.

For some visitors, getting on a monorail or a Skyliner was a unique experience. Thus, they choose Disney transportation over conventional transportation to get that feel right away.

So, till now, we have discussed a lot of visitors who prefer Disney transportation over renting a car. Now let’s shift our attention to the next lot who prefer to book car rentals instead of Disney transportation.

Car Rentals

A lot of people prefer car rentals over Disney transportation. Some guests have traveled to Disney World more than five times. But still, haven’t used Disney transportation for once.

However, the guests who were willing to have car rentals preferred visiting places outside Disney’s “bubble.” If you use Disney transportation, you feel the cost of your freedom to select a destination. However, you get that opportunity with car rentals.

So, let’s discuss car rentals’ pros and cons.


Let’s first talk about the good things:

Faster transportation

Disney transportation is a public transportation system. So, it will take more time and curb your freedom. So, a car rental is your option if you want to be a little fast in transportation.

You don’t have to wait for loading and unloading. No transfers and absolutely no unwanted stops.

However, if you are going to Magic Kingdom, you will require extra time because you will have to park at the Transportation and Tickets Centre.

It would help if you took the designated transportation via monorail or boat to Magic Kingdom.

Off-site fun

You should rent a car to go somewhere not on the Disney transportation route lists.

If you want to explore Orlando and not limit yourself to Disney and Disney only, renting a car and traveling as much as you want is more fun.

Staying at some place outside Disney

Staying at Disney World is expensive. If you choose to stay offsite, the option of using Disney transportation is automatically canceled.

Furthermore, staying outside Disney premises makes traveling to the parks difficult. But, if you have a car rental, no matter what time you are going or returning, transportation is not something for you to worry about anymore.

New rental options

Orlando International Airport has now offered a new Turo Service. This is a car Airbnb. If you want to skip the rental office hassles, you can directly use the cars of Turo service.

Your freedom

The most important advantage is that no one will dictate your travel rules. You will not have to wait for buses or queues or feel rammed in spaces.

If you have your car, you can also take a break from the constant hustle and bustle of the Disney Crowd and ride somewhere far away from Disney World.

The Cons

Even if these perks seem fantastic, they also have some disadvantages. They are.


One of the reasons why people tend to avoid car rentals is that they are very expensive. Moreover, even if the demand is high, the supply of rental cars is low, which can continue in some recent months.

This further shots the prices to the sky. As already other options are there, it might not be worth your bucks to spend so much time finding a car and spending so much on it.


Finding a car can be time-consuming and energy-draining, even if you have found the car.

Parking fee

Another thing that adds to the budget if you use car rentals is paying the parking fee out of your pocket.

If you are staying at a resort and still using rentals, your parking fee will be between $15 and $25 at your resort. However, parking at parks is free.

However, if you are not staying at resorts, your parking fee for theme parks is $25 each day.


Moreover, you will also have to pay for the gas, which has also become expensive recently. Thus, it will not be a burden on your budget if you choose Disney transportation.

But, if you are not staying at Disney resort, it will be easier for you to use car rentals so that the transportation burden gets off your mind.

Disney World Transport

Other options

Car rentals and Disney transportation are not the only two options for traveling to Disney World. If you stay in and around Orlando and own a car, you can bring your car to Disney World.

If you want to enjoy the perks of car rentals and avoid giving so much money into renting one, bringing your car is the best option. However, this advantage is only for those traveling to Disney via car.

Some people like to avail both options. You can bring your car to stop and eat and then get on a bus to see around.

Another option that many have accessed and proven efficient is the rideshare service. Uber and Lyft save a lot of money, and you can go anywhere and everywhere, from grocery stores to dining restaurants using Uber.

There are some special types of transportation available in specific locations. For example, Fort Wilderness has golf carts. However, these carts cannot leave the Fort premises.

Taxis and town cars can also help you get around. If you are unsure which company has this service, you can ask for help at Guest Relations in Disney Parks or the front desk of your Resort. You can also inquire about them online.

Main Street USA vehicles, including a fire engine, a jitney, an omnibus, and a horse-drawn trolley, are some of the most nostalgic riding experiences available at Magic Kingdom, Main Street.

Previously Disney used to provide free transportation to and from Orlando International Airport via Magical Express.

However, they have recently discontinued it. So, you will have to spend on car rentals, book rideshare services, or use Mears Connect to get to the resort or the parks.

Final Thoughts

So, no transportation is best. Each one has its pros and cons. Depending on your travel mood, you should select your means of transportation.

If you want to stay inside Disney, you should use Disney transportation. But, if you want to explore other areas, bring your car, book Uber or book car rentals.

Whatever the case, plan, and nothing can create a mess on your Disney World trip!

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