Grand Floridian Resort Menu Is as Grand as It Should Be

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Staying at the Grand Floridian on your Disney World trip has its perks. Apart from the brilliant location and other amenities, the Grand Floridian Resort menu will take you aback.

If you are searching for any hotel within walking distance of the most important theme park of Disney World (Magic Kingdom), then Grand Floridian should be your first choice.

It is a monorail hotel, meaning you can board the monorail from its station. So, are you excited to explore the several dining options available at Grand Floridian Resort and Spa?

If yes, explore our article to look at the resort’s amazing breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert menus.

The cafes

Before hopping on to the section about different varieties of food, let’s first take a look at the different restaurants and cafes at the resort.

Gasparilla Island Grill

One of the quick-service restaurants at Grand Floridian is Gasparilla Island Grill.

Enchanted Rose

If you want to step into a Beauty and the Beast-themed restaurant while staying at Grand Floridian, go for Enchanted Rose.

The restaurant has the theme of Beauty and The Beast’s live-action remake. It has intricate decorations, some small plates, and alcoholic beverages for you.

Grand Floridian Café

The café presents a wide spectrum of food, so if you want just casually to spend your evening, Grand Floridian Café is the right place to visit.


It is another sit-down café. However, it is now closed for further refurbishment.


Another sit-down café to enjoy with Mary Poppins Returns theme is Citricos. It is a table-service restaurant.

Courtyard Pool Bar

Grand Floridians, and for that matter, any other Disney Deluxe Resorts, are famous for their pool bars. Courtyard Pool Bar is your right choice if you are up for some light poolside snacks. It will serve you some delicious wraps and hot dogs.

Beaches Pool Bar & Grill

Another such pool bar at Grand Floridian is Beaches Pool Bar & Grill. This bar will serve light sandwiches and salads at the Beaches Pool.

Victoria & Albert’s

This is the most pricey and extravagant restaurant at Grand Floridian. It has multiple courses and also has a rotating menu.

1900 Park Fare

If you love character dining experience, then 1900 Park Fare is a good choice for you. However, the place is not available currently.

Grand Floridian Resort Menu

So, you have a list of places that will serve finger-licking food. Let’s now have a look at that menu!


Grand Floridian Cafe

Grand Floridian Café’s Lobster Benedict tops the list of Breakfast choices at this resort. It has two-poached eggs, hollandaise, asparagus, and lobster, and all of these are mounted on a toasted muffin.

It is a rich breakfast and will cost you $22. So, if you want to start your day with something heavy yet tasty, this is the right choice.

Gasparilla Island Grill

Do you want to start your day with some sweet dishes? Well, Gasparilla Island Grill is the best fit to quench your desire.

The Mickey Waffles are a must-try, costing you $10.49. They also serve bacon with it. The café also houses pastries at the grab-and-go zone. Thus, you are good to go and grab some cheese Danish, cinnamon rolls, croissants, or muffins.

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Grand Floridian Cafe

Again Grand Floridian Café will take the top rank for lunch recommendations. The Buttermilk-fried chicken and waffle is an absolute treat to your mouth.

A hand-breaded chicken breast and a malted waffle having sriracha-honey drizzle are what your heart will want in the mid of the day. It will cost you $26. You can also avail the waffle at breakfast.

If you are in for a quick and large burger bite, Lobster ‘Thermidor’ Burger, can be the bests fit for you. It has a 7-oz patty, and lobster-parmesan Thermidor sauce spread on a brioche bun. The burger also has seasoned French fried, the signature dish of Grand Floridian Café. You can buy it for $25.

Gasparilla Island Grill

Getting a sumptuous meal at quick service restaurants isn’t a hard nut to crack, and Gasparilla Island Grill will prove that to you. Along with other options, the most delicious are the Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Tomato Soup.

The sandwich is cheesy, and you will get it for $9.99. It also has a tomato-basil bisque side. So, if you want some light lunch, this is a good item to try.

The Macaroni and Cheese are THE most talked about item in Gasparilla Island Grill, and it cannot go without mention.

It is a great snack and comes with a crunchy dish of French fries. So, you can pay just $4.49 to grab this dish which you can use as a snack, and at times, it even works well as a lunchtime meal.


The dinner time for Citricos is from 5 PM to 9.30 PM, and the restaurant also has dress codes. The place doesn’t allow swimwear inside its premises and asks its guests to come clean and neat.

There are some dishes which are a must try if you want to have a Citricos dinner.

The first one is the Strawberry salad. It has frisee lettuce, spicy sunflower seeds, bacon vinaigrette, and chamomile-infused goat cheese. All of this will come in $16.

It is a very light dish and a great starter for your whole meal.

Guava Barbecued Short Ribs is another dish you should try if you are staying at Grand Floridian resort.

It is served with Brussels sprouts, curtido slaw, roasted poblano, and creamy cheddar grits. The dish is priced at $50. The ribs come as very tender and soft. The creamy grits will blow your mind.

Another nice dish is Domestic Golden Tilefish, and it comes with confit tomatoes, Key West pink shrimp, and Jupiter rice Chorizo risotto. The fish is an awesome seafood item, and the price is $46.


This restaurant is expected to open in 2023. So, you should check the delicious menu in advance.

This restaurant also has dress codes like that of Citricos. However, the specialty of this restaurant is seafood. The Lobster Bisque is the best food recommendation in this restaurant which has chervil, coral, and butter-poached lobster.

The dish is priced at $16 and is a fabulous appetizer at such a low price. Even the lobster won’t taste much fishy. So, even if you are not gaga over seafood, you can try this restaurant.

Another plate where you can indulge your tastebuds is Pan-Seared Georges Bank Day Boat Scallops. This huge name has a history of winning hearts.

Served with truffled preserved Meyer Lemon Cream, ham, peas, Parisian-style gnocchi, peas, and ham. The well-cooked scallops will steal your heart, and you can also try Parisian-style gnocchi. You can buy the food for $50.


Dessert comes at the end of the list and is also a great finisher of your dinner. Gasparilla Island Grill’s desserts are undoubtedly the best. 50th Anniversary Mickey EARidescent cupcakes should be your first choice.

It is a vanilla-flavored cupcake with lemon curd as fillings. Enrobed in the famous EARIdescent glazed with blueberry mousse topping, this delicious dessert comes for only $6.29.

However, this will only be available till the 50th-anniversary celebrations. So, try it before it goes off the hook. The tangy lemon flavor mixes very well with the blueberry taste. So, if you are not chocolate, this will steal your heart with its authentic fruity texture.

The Cheshire Cat Wildberry Parfait is another perfect dessert with berry crumble, raspberry sauce, wildberry mouse, and also has a white chocolate disc in the shape of a Cheshire Cat. It also has a fruity taste and comes for $6.49.

New Disney Desserts Soon to Be Launched at WDW

Special mention for Victoria and Albert’s

Victoria & Albert was not on the list of Grand Floridian Resort Menu. But, that is not because the food items are not delicious. Instead, the menu is a rotating one at this restaurant, so there is no constant best food choice.

Moreover, the experience is very expensive, and not everyone will be able to afford it. Thus, the restaurant is difficult to be included in this list.

But, you can always take a look by going there physically. If you find it worth investing in, no one stops you from trying their exquisite dishes.

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Final Thoughts

So, having a grand stay at this hotel gets better with the Grand Floridian Resort menu. It has great amenities and decorations and amazing dining options in the resort.

Explore your tastebuds by biting on these delicious meals that Grand Floridian Resort and Spa happily offer their guests.

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