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Roxanne Goofy movie might be a familiar name. The famous anthropomorphic female-bodied dog character from “A goofy movie” has had everyone’s hearts.

She was serving as the love interest to Max Goof, a character featured in this film in 1995.

In that way, A Goofy Movie is one of the most widely watched classics. So, let’s do a quick background check of Roxanne Goofy movie.

Background of Roxanne from Goofy movie

Originally a Max High School student, Roxanne is a very famous face who is undeniably beautiful, friendly, and kind.

She had friendships at higher levels. Her best friend is the student union president – Stacy. In the film, it is shown that Roxanne and Max have a crush on each other.

Their first significant encounter was following Max’s fall. Roxanne Goofy movie went and helped him get all his things. However, Max got so embarrassed that he immediately left the scene, leaving Roxanne utterly confused and sad.

When Max showcases his performance, we find Roxanne flattered and ecstatic about whatever goes on between them. Even if she gaped at him when Stacey pushed her to talk to him, Roxanne was timid about it.

On the other hand, Max was also shy about all of these things. So, when he finally gathered up some confidence to ask her out, it was terrifying to Roxanne. However, Max had to cancel the date, which was even more shocking to her.

He lied to her about the reasons for canceling the dates. However, he later confessed to it as well. So, Roxanne happily accepted another request to go out on a date and was taken aback when he gently kissed her on her lips.

If you are curious about Roxanne Goofy movie father, here is your information. She lived with her father, who was overprotective of her. She also loves her father enormously.

Roxanne Goofy Movie

Physical appearance of Roxanne

If you haven’t watched A Goofy Movie, you might have missed out on how Roxanne looks. However, if your friend or family has poked an interest in this Disney classic, you might want to know how Roxanne looks.

As we have mentioned earlier, she is an anthropomorphic dog which means she is a dog with human features. Her face is like a dog, but she walks on two legs, studies in a school, and is a teenage girl. She has lush red eyebrows, a slim yet curvy body, long wavy red colored hair, a round brown nose, a beauty mark, and tanned skin.

You will find her wearing a teal t-shirt with short sleeves, navy blue jean shorts having a black belt with silver buckles.

The lavender earrings make her even more beautiful. Wearing the white flats, as she enters the school, Max can’t help but fall in love with her.

However, at the very beginning of the film, you can see Roxanne Goofy wearing a long white gown with a small bronze and gold choker with a heart-shaped charm.

She is also seen wearing a flower tucked in the right corner of her hair. Interestingly, she is seen barefooted in the first scene.

Plot of The Goofy Movie

So, let’s indulge in the exciting storyline of the movie, where you will find your Roxanne from Goofy movie.

As we have already seen, Max had a crush on Roxanne, and Roxanne, too, had a crush on him, which he later came to know.

So, Goofy is their single father, Max. However, they do not have a perfect healthy father-son relationship.

Max becomes a celebrity in his school after he dresses as Powerline and comes to Roxanne’s attention.

Max had a date planned with Roxanne but had to cancel it because his father had taken him on a fishing trip.

Roxanne, however, said that she is going out with someone, to which he panics. He even tells the story about his father knowing about Powerline and that both of them will come to the concert.

Goofy and Max do not get to bond well in the camp. They also meet P.J. and Pete there. P.J. even advised Goofy to keep his son in control. Max and Goofy then spend the night with Bigfoot.

Roxanne Goofy Movie

The next day they wake up, and Goofy asks Max to guide the return journey. Upon getting the leadership in navigation, Max directs them to the concert where Powerline will be coming, in Los Angeles.

When they stop at a nearby motel, they meet P.J. and Pete. Max confides in P.J. about his plan to go to the concert. Pete overhears everything and then leaks this to Goofy.

Thus, when they come to a point when Max has to choose between Idaho and Los Angeles, Max chooses the latter. This makes Goofy very angry.

They both have a very heated argument. However, finally, both of them come to terms with each other. They also face an accident but manage to get past it.

Finally, they make it to the concert and dance on stage with Powerline. Roxanne is a Goofy movie, and Pete and P.J watch that on different televisions.

Max and Goofy then go to Roxanne’s house, where he confesses. This time Roxanne also admits that she has feelings for Goofy.

Goofy’s introduction was also hilarious. He breaks down through Roxanne’s porch roof as the car explodes, ejecting him.

So, this general plotline usually revolves around Goofy and his son. But, as we can see, Roxanne Goofy movie is an essential character in this film.

When did Roxanne first appear?

Roxanne Goofy movie first makes her appearance in a dream of Max. In real life, Max is timid about talking to Roxanne. So, in that dream, he sees that he and Roxanne are sitting and chatting on a field as the day passes.

After that, we see Roxanne passing Max while going to school. Max waves at her, but she can’t see that.

After that, both encounter at school as Max trips over, and Roxanne rushes to help. However, that encounter was brief, as Max was too shy to continue the conversation. This left Roxanne embarrassed and confused.

Roxanne also is present in the last school assembly. This is where Chad tries to ask her out, but Roxanne rejects the proposal.

A hilarious incident occurs in the assembly. The principal falls through a trap door. This is where Max enters the stage dressed like “Powerline,” the famous band singer.

Max leans toward Roxanne at one point, and Roxanne seems to enjoy it. This performance makes Max famous, and everyone knows that Max staged this concert to catch Roxanne’s attention and impress her.

In the next scene, you can see Roxanne accompanying Stacey to the Principal’s chamber. Stacy needed to get some papers from him. She also meets Max, who is sitting at one distant corner of the Principal’s office. It is here where Max asks her out.

Later, in one scene, we see Max going to Roxanne’s house to cancel their pre-planned date. He even comes in contact with their father,  Roxanne, gets awkward, and leaves in haste.

However, Roxanne is heartbroken due to this cancellation. Here, he panics and says that his father knows Powerline. After that, they even get on stage and perform with Powerline. We can see Roxanne enjoying that show on TV with Stacy.

However, in the end, Max and his father, Goofy comes to Roxanne’s house. Even though she congratulates her, Max confesses his lie. However, Roxanne understands and forgives him.

They have a small kiss as Goofy is seen working on the car. The car then has an explosion. The hilarious incident then follows.

Goofy gets shot up in the air and falls through Roxanne’s roof. After that, Max introduces his father to Roxanne. What better way to get introduced to your crush’s father?

So, if you are a fan of Roxanne Goofy’s movie, you should be delighted as she has a sustained presence throughout the film.

Let’s now have a look at the general trivia of Roxanne.

General Trivia

Now that we know about the plot and appearances of Roxanne Goofy Movie let’s see a little about what trivia has to say.

Date of first appearance

Did you know what predates Roxanne’s appearance in A Goofy Movie in 1995? It is in a book named Goofy Gets Goofy, published in 1994.

Here, the character of Roxanne appears at the end, but that marks the start of her appearance. However, her appearance is a little different from what we see in the film.

In the book, she has strawberry-blonde hair. Also, her shirt matched her earrings. It was purple-colored. Moreover, she wore pink colored trousers, and the belt that she wore was silver. Much of it has changed in the film rendition of Roxanne Goofy Movie.

Character designer

Kevin Lima, as informed by Carole Holliday, the character designer, wanted a person who was a typical popular model girl of the school who was 13 years old.

In the film, she is shown as a shy girl. She is much more awkward in the movie than in the book, which comes out when someone urges her to talk to Max.

However, her friendship with Stacy, the student body president. Instilled a sense of popularity Also, Chad, a very popular senior from the school, even asked her out. This made Max feel that Roxanne was out of her league. It was much later that he got to know Roxanne herself had a crush on Max.

Age difference

She was conceived as a student who was 13 years old. However, in the film, the age is shown to be a little more. We see her attending the last days of the high school year. So, even the youngest student from a US high school is 14 years. So, it is pertinent that she is older than a 13-year-old kid.

Favorite song

A Goofy Movie’s production biography suggests that their favorite song of Holliday is The Police’s Roxanne song. The song, according to her, portrays the innocent of Roxanne Goofy movie.


Goofy Movie Roxanne character initially didn’t have this name, as the demo version of On the Open Road song suggests. Originally, her name was Dolores.

Even if Roxanne is an anthropomorphic character in A Goofy Movie, she has four fingers. However, in House of Mouse, she has five fingers.

We all have some machinery by which we tackle nervousness or excitement. For Roxanne, it is playing with her red hair.

Roxanne doesn’t have any facial resemblance to her father, who looks like a bulldog, but she might look like her mother. We don’t have any information on her mother.

Le Journal de Mickey

There is a French version of A Goofy Movie. The comic is called Le Journal de Mickey. She has a different color scheme than A Goofy Movie, House of Mouse, and Disney Adventures. She has yellow-blonde colored hair.

The nose has a pinkish touch. Her shirt is not teal green. Instead, it is lime green. She has lilac earrings in A Goofy Movie. But they are bright red and the belt buckle is dissimilar. In Goofy Movie, it is silver. However, in this, it is bright yellow.

Fantagraphics adapted A Goofy Movie’s French graphic novel adaptation into English. This version also had some information missing from the movie or the French version. The name of Roxanne in this was Roxanne Rover.

Roxanne birthday

The French comic also suggests that Roxanne’s birthday comes in February.

Hopefully, this long list quenches your desire for interesting trivia.

Final Thoughts

If you still haven’t watched A Goofy Movie, you should immediately watch it. Join Max on his adventurous journey of confessing to Roxanne Goofy movie.

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