Disney Songs for Kids to Grow Up With Best Childhood Memories

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Disney songs for kids are what you heard while growing up, and so did we! If you, too, want your child to experience the magic of Disney, you would add some of the classics to your playlist.

Disney songs don’t just bring back memories but also the essence of beautiful animation and storytelling. They create a place in our hearts and connect them to fictitious characters like they are a part of our universe.

Disney music could be great for increasing cognitive health in growing children. Science says music has a great effect on anyone’s brain. So, maybe your kid will dance and sing along with these songs even before they know how to articulate themselves.

Amazing Disney songs for kids

Moreover, the themes of these songs are also beautiful. Subjects that schools never teach young kids to reflect in these Disney songs for kids.

If you want to instill patience, forgiveness, empathy, and generosity in your kids, nothing is as great as Disney songs for children.

Not only that, but the songs also have rich animations that visually attract the kids’ attention, and they get transformed into a world of magic.

While it is difficult to select the best happy songs for kids: Disney, as there are many, here is a list of the top Disney songs for kids.

The Circle of Life, The Lion King

Who hasn’t hummed along with the chants of the theme music of The Lion King? Such is the attractive power of this song that from children to adults, everyone loves grooming to this song.

This song is about the mysterious ways in which nature performs and is also the opening credit of The Lion King – The Disney animation film.

Elton John composed and performed the song, and Tim Rice wrote the lyrics. This song also witnesses the birth of Simba, the lion cuff who will later inherit the throne of The Lion King. Many animals gather to witness his birth.

Disney songs for kids

Once Upon a Dream, Sleeping Beauty

This song is another classic song from the 1959 Sleeping Beauty movie. Aurora, the princess, goes for a walk when she comes across the strikingly handsome Prince Phillip. This song then plays, which dictates the mood of the rest of the movie.

A Guy Like You, The Hunchback of Notre Dam

Have you ever analyzed a song? This is one of the Disney songs for kids that will provide that opportunity to you. The song has three distinct phases, which add to the distinctive charm of the song. Quasi is a love-sick character, and through this song, he confesses his love and affection for Esmeralda.

Beauty and the Beast title track, Beauty and the Beast

Coming from the 1991 classic, the title song of Beauty and the Beast has captivated kids from many generations. As Belle and Beast dance in the castle’s ballroom, Mrs. Potts plays this tune. This song is all about love and how affectionate hearts bond with each other.

You will be in my heart, Tarzan

Tarzan grew up in the forest. This is the song that Kala, his gorilla mother, sang to him about how unshakeable the bond of love is. This is one of the most famous and soothing Disney songs for kids, and it even won an Oscar.

Phil Collins sang this song which soothed the insecurities and fears of Tarzan and filled that with reassurance and love. This can also be a very great song to sing to your child in moments of their crisis.

Whole New World, Aladdin

A song of freedom, this song celebrates the escape of Princess Jasmine from her palace to see the outside world holding the hands of Aladdin. Flying on their carpet as they witness the wonders of the world, this song adds to the magic of the moment.

You’re Welcome, Moana

Moana is a beautiful film with even more amazing songs for kids. Maui’s character gets introduced through the song. You’re Welcome. Here, Dwayne Johnson performs this song. A very catchy song and it will keep your attention tight.

Disney songs for kids

Prince Ali, Aladdin

This is a great dancing song. So, nothing is better than this song if you want to cheer your child’s mood. Play Prince Ali on your mobile and watch how your child’s mood improves.

Bare Necessities, Jungle Book

The song coming from the original 1967 classic The Jungle Book is marvelous. If you want to list Disney music for kids, you can’t miss out on this track. This is a song about friendships. One friend sings this song to the other friend. As Mowgli and Baloo the Bear explore the Indian jungles, the latter sings this song to Mowgli to seek comfort and find easy lifeways.

Remember me, Coco

Coco is a gem of a movie. One of the most beautiful songs from this amazing film is remover me. If you have been busy with your work the whole week and want to spend quality time with your family, play this song in the background. Dim your living room lights, and whisper a poem to your young one’s ears while the song hums in the background.

Life is a Highway, Cars

If your kids love traveling, then they will also love this song which is a traditional road song. Celebrating life is a song that inspires us to do whatever we want as we only live once.

Feed the Birds, Mary Poppins

Love and command are better expressed when said through music. So, in this song, Mary Poppins gently asks the young kids to donate two pennies to the Bird Woman. The woman sells the bread crumbs in the nearby church.

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride, Lilo, and Stich

Not every Disney song for kids is meant as a lullaby. Some songs are also very cheerful and upbeat. Maybe you can even use them as a rejuvenating song at any picnic. One such song is the Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride, Lilo, and Stitch, where you would want to forget all your troubles and groove maddeningly to the upbeat melody of the song.

You’ve Got a Friend in Me, Toy Story

Toy Story is not only about whooshes and hushes of cars. It describes emotions beautifully. Also, if you want to dedicate a song to your friend and confidante, choose You’ve got a friend in me.

Also, this is a very good song for playing in college freshers where you need a warm welcome to feel belong. This song has the ethos of companionship. If your friend needs reassurance about your love at any point in time, don’t forget to send this song to them.


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 The Lava Song, Inside Out

Love is an eternal song. Here, two volcanoes try to preach love for each other. James Ford Murphy wrote this song and Napua Greig and Kuana Torres Kahele gave voice to them. This is a song to shun the imaginative power of young kids.

The song has beautifully personalized two volcanoes and takes inspiration from some isolated islands. This song enumerates the importance of love in desolate beings of modern humans.

Into the Unknown, Frozen II

Among Disney songs for children, the song with a special place is Into the Unknown from Frozen II. This is a song that both children and adults will find relatable. We are often pulled back from following our passion.

But, this song is the call of the wild. Leave all the hesitations and follow the path where your heart leads. This is a lesson that adults should follow religiously in life; kids should be tuned to this from childhood.

Un Poco Loco, Coco

Another rhythmic song from Coco is Un Poco Loco. This term means a little bit crazy and is a very charming song. This also plays out well as a love theme as it beautifully captures family memories. The song can also instill in you a feeling of belongingness.

Colors of the Wind, Pocahontas

This is a song with a deeper meaning. If you want to make your kids aware of racial tolerance and the importance of staying close to nature, you must play this song. Colors of the Wild, as the name suggests, is a song about the diversity of skin colors and teaches racial tolerance through it.

Pocahontas, a Native American Girl, urges Captain John Smith to preserve the facets of the New World. The song is also a brilliant commentary on colonialism and its ill effects.

Love is an open door, Frozen

Love is an Open Door is another song that shouldn’t be missed on the Disney songs for kids list. Anna and Hans sang this song n Frozen, a 2013 animated film.

It is a romantic duet where both characters confess their love for each other. When Anna confesses her loneliness, Hans embraces her with all his arms.

Boom Shakalaka, Muppet Treasure Island

Halloween is approaching, and this is one of the fittest Disney songs for kids. Elephant Lumpy and Kangaroo Roo together perform this song. This song is a feat of courage they need to capture the Goblin. However, it is very upbeat and joyful music and a popular song.

Hakuna Matata, The Lion King

Here is another masterpiece from The Lion King. This song is for kids and adults who are hurting and getting through some trouble. Give yourself a break and sing along with Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon. The children will find the song like a lullaby. Hakuna Matata is originally a Swahili term that means no worries.

Disney songs for kids

Under the Sea, The Little Mermaid

We often use songs to express what we cannot express through words. Such is the case with the little mermaid film’s song Under the Sea.

Here, crab Sebastian tries to keep Princess Ariel underwater by using this song. He also emphasizes how joyful it is to live with sea creatures and hover around the underwater gardens. So, if you want to teleport your kids to a world where they have never been, this is your opportunity.

Can You feel the love tonight, The Lion King

Disney Songs for kids will always fall back on The Lion King for its songs. Hence, this is another song from the movie written by Tim Rice and Elton John. The song even won the Academy Award for Best Original Song. In this song, Pumbaa and Timon anticipate the growing love through the friendship between Simba and Nala.

Let it Go, Frozen

The movie Frozen is a film studded with star ballads. Elsa wants to keep her talents concealed. However, this is the time when she wants to let them go. As this music intensely captures the emotional challenges of Elsa’s mind, the song even won an Academy Award for Best Song.

Reflection, Mulan

After Mulan returns to her home, having failed to impress a matchmaker, this song is played. This might be a very relatable song in our adolescent years. So, this is a song that every child should hear so that they only follow their hearts and don’t let them get dictated by others.

The Call, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

If you want to introduce a surreal melody to your child, nothing beats the choice of the call. This is a melancholic song. When Pevensie’s siblings know this is the last visit to Narnia, they gradually disappear.

So, if you want to include some beautiful songs in the Disney songs children list, you shouldn’t miss out on this.

When you wish upon a star, Pinocchio

As young kids, we all used to hope for some miracles in our lives. Disney granted us that fantasy and escape. If any song embodies that spirit beautifully, it is Pinocchio’s When You Wish Upon a Star.

This is the anthem song for Walt Disney and beautifully captures the essence that the company stands for infinity, magic, and wonder. You can sing this to your child while they fall asleep to transport them to a world of magic, stars, and glitters. The song also appeals to adults.

Final Thoughts

Disney songs for kids are a lesson package. Even adults will find meaning in the lyrics. So, apart from these songs, there are also other songs. Make your list and introduce your kids to this universe of magic, amazement, and humanity!

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