BEWARE: Different Ways Disney Makes You Spend More

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We are in the same boat if you feel Disney makes you spend more. The prices for 2023 might make your eyes boggle, but knowing how to save is better.

I am constantly sharing tips to ease out your Disney World experience simply because it is not all magic.

How Disney makes you spend more

There are only two ways people can enjoy Disney – one, where money is not a factor, and two when you know where to save.

What lies below are times Disney tricks you to spend more than you should. If you could control or use better alternatives, you can have a lot to save:

Disney Genie+ features

The controversies around Disney Genie+ have lingered since it came out. It is undoubtedly one of the best features to save time. But it does alternatively mean paying more. You can use Lightning Lane service after purchasing Genie plus.

Disney has a free FastPass option that allows people quicker access while spending less money. However, Genie+ changed the game. It started at $15 and can be as high as $29 in 2023. And that’s precisely how Disney makes you spend more!

Many people prefer Disney Genie because it allows them to survive the crowds on busy days. Again, it is expensive to most and disheartening for ones who would like to skip the feature and wait in line instead.

Snacking around EPCOT

There is a difference between snacking around other theme parks against EPCOT.

First, you will want to enjoy the abundant food options available at the seasonal festivals happening throughout the year. While they include exclusive treats, they are often expensive.

Secondly, EPCOT pavilions are the place to be. You would want to dig into the finest pasta at the Italian Pavilion, classic English breakfasts at United Kingdom Pavilion, and so on.

Magic Kingdom opens several food booths where the cost of what you buy is cheaper. Animal Kingdom and Disney Springs is filled with restaurants where you’d spend for a complete meal.

The food cost can add up to what you’d be paying for a visit to EPCOT. Food and drinks are expensive, so it is best to keep a budget in mind before planning an entire day around here.

EPCOT Food & Wine

Multiple Disney groups for fan

An innate Disney World fan or an Orlando resident would want to be a part of Disney Clubs. These include DVC membership, D23 membership, or being an Annual Passholder.

If you choose any of these three, you will have exclusive offers available under each category. Some of those benefits match with other groups, while others do not.

It creates a sense of missing out and makes you want to apply for other groups. Now imagine being a D23 member, a DVC member, and an Annual Passholder. You get a ton of opportunities, but also pay heftily!

Limited edition Disney collectibles

Brand-conscious people who wish to have limited edition merchandise because it is exclusive can often find themselves in the trap of spending more.

Disney creates a wave every time they have new products on their shelves, which are available only for a while.

It is easy to tempt someone to look into limited-edition options as you would not want to regret not owning something.

For example, every now and then, there are limited edition Disney Ears that you wouldn’t find later. It could be associated with a movie release, like Scarlet Witch ears, or for a holiday special.

Apart from the limited edition Disney collectibles you get online and offline, the physical stores also have a marketing strategy.

Have you ever wondered why Disney shops locate close to some of the Disney attractions? Well, to make buyers have quick access to things and make impulse purchases out of emotions.

They master the art of creating Disney stores to make children demand toys as well. It is easier to pass them by taking a peek; within a while, you’ve been tricked into massive shopping spending!

Disney World 50th Anniversary Souvenir
Image Credit: Pinterest

Disney Magic Bands

Disney hotel discounts in 2023 are fantastic, but they no longer add a Magic Band. Anyone who wants to visit Disney World can get a Magic Band, but they have to pay.

While the features upgrade with every band, they are no longer the same. You often don’t need them, but you buy them because they ease your time through the park. These bands work like park tickets, help make Genie reservations, and more.

But honestly! Do you really need them? No! Magic Bands are a part of Disney’s merch strategies, as fans buy them anyway.

Final thoughts

The only way to break out from spending too much is to know the best places to spend your money. Do not get tempted to buy things you don’t need. Instead, save them up and use them in areas you cannot compromise.

You will still want to pay for food at EPCOT and Genie+ to save time. They are legit! But you can always let go of limited edition products, magic bands, and too many group facilities that you don’t use.

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