25+ Characters in Hollywood Studios for Meet and Greet

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There are tons of reasons why we visit Disney World and related theme parks, and character interactions are one of them. Yes! I get it – the rides, the food, the ambiance, and all that jazz is impeccable. But nothing beats meeting characters in Hollywood Studios or Magic Kingdom when visiting Disney World.

If your kids are growing up watching the Disney channel like you, they will be even more excited to meet and greet.

Imagine having a baby brain and thinking that Disney’s Fab 5 is out of the TV screens shaking hands and hugging you!

It could be a lifetime experience for many, especially if you are traveling from another country to visit Disney World.

Characters in Hollywood studios

While Magic Kingdom withholds the OG Disney characters, if you’re into Star Wars, Toy Story, and other characters like Chip ‘n’ Dale and Edna Mode, Hollywood Studios is where you ought to be!

Today I will list all the Hollywood Studio characters you can meet when visiting the theme park. I will also give you a short snippet about each so you know them before the visit.


BB-8, pronounced as Beebee-Ate, is an astromech droid character from the BB-series who existed after the Battle of Endor. The dome shape resembles R2 droids but is white with golden borders. BB-8 accompanied Poe Dameron to keep the T-70 X-wing starfighter in order. Later fled to a desert to hand over an essential clue to Luke Skywalker.

BB-8 in Hollywood Studios

The character locates inside the Animated Courtyard. Visit the Star Wars Launch Bay to find BB-8.


When discussing droids, we must take advantage of R2-D2. This is a Second Generation Robotic Droid and a part of Series 2 as per the Star Wars franchise.

R2-D2 in Hollywood Studios

The character roams around the Galaxy’s Edge and Launch Bay.


Stormtroopers are soldiers from Star Wars dressed in white armor. Their character was designed by George Lucas himself and introduced in the original movie.

Stormtroopers in Hollywood Studios

Many of them are in Hollywood Studios, always ready for action. They roam around in Star Wars Launch Bay and Galaxy’s Edge all day.

Characters in Hollywood Studios


Here is one of the Hollywood Studios characters you cannot miss because who doesn’t love the Wooke warrior? Being the support of Han Solo inside the Millenium Falcon, Chewbacca was one of the rebellious characters who freed the galaxy. His ape-like structure might not look impressive, but his heart is made of gold.

Chewbacca in Hollywood Studios

You will find Chewbacca at Star Wars Launch Bay inside Animation Courtyard.

Darth Vader

The most infamous person in Star Wars is Darth Vader, as the character plays the lead villain throughout the franchise.

Darth Vader in Hollywood Studios

The iconic masked man meets you at Star Wars Launch Bay throughout the day.

If you can access Chase Disney Visa, you can meet Darth Vader through this cardmember-only feature.

Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren is another character from Star Wars. He is chosen name of Ben Solo, the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia.

Kylo Ren in Hollywood Studios

You will find Kylo in the Galaxy’s Edge roaming throughout the day.

Doc McStuffins

If you have a small child, Dottie Doc McStuffins must be on your list. The freckly-faced six-year-old aspires to be a pediatrician like her mommy. She practices art by caring for her dolls, toys, and stuffed animals.

Doc McStuffins in Hollywood Studios

If you want to visit the little Doc, you can find her at the Animation Courtyard. She stays near the Disney Junior Dance Party building till 6 pm. Booking a breakfast meal at Hollywood and Vine will also give you access to meet her.

Buzz Lightyear

If you love Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear isn’t unknown to you. The superhero is suited up in an astronaut suit because he is a Space Ranger.

Like other toys in the story, this superhero plays a vital character – so much so that a Disney ride is specifically made for it!

Buzz Lightyear in Hollywood Studios

Did you know that there is a Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios? You will find Buzz on the left before the Woody statue.

You can always find him at the Space Ranger Spin in Magic Kingdom if you miss this one. The kids-only ride costs $65 for each.

25+ Characters in Hollywood Studios for Meet and Greet


Jessie is one of the toys in the story of Toy Story, which her original owner abandoned. She carried pain in her heart but had amazing zeal and love while being a rag doll.

Jessie in Hollywood Studios

You will find a happy Jessie at Toy Story Land close to the Alien Swirling Saucers. Make sure you don’t abandon her, as she deserves a hug and love from all of us.

Woody and Bo Peep

Bo Peep is the love of Woody’s life. As we all know, Woody is the protagonist of the Toy Story. He is a fictional cowboy doll and leads the story alongside Buzz Lightyear. Bo Peep is his girlfriend who he later reunited and decides to spend his life with.

Woody and Bo Peep in Hollywood Studios

You will find the couple at Toy Story Land and in front of the Midway Mania building. They are present here all day and steal the show with their eccentric charm.

woody toy story

Green Army Men

The concept of Green Army Men when Andy’s created 200 miniature soldiers with used plastic bottles. The main character was adapted in Toy Story is a sergeant. He is the commander of the Troop of a green army who is faithful to Woody. The army goes on missions as commanded by their master Woody.

Green Army Men in Hollywood Studios

You will find many Green Army Men roaming around in Toy Story Land. Remember to stop and click a selfie while searching for more characters in Hollywood Studios.

Chip ‘n’ Dale

We have all seen the iconic duo Chip and Dale cartoon characters created by The Walt Disney Company in 1943. These two characters are anthropomorphic chipmunks and are depicted as brothers who entertain us with humor storylines.

Chip ‘n’ Dale in Hollywood Studios

You will find the duo right at the entrance of the park located on the left side of Sid Cahuenga. They stay there from opening hours till 4 pm.

If you are away, you can meet them at Fort Wilderness Resort when booking campfire sing-a-long or while character dining at Garden Grill, EPCOT. Spot them also at Town Square on Main Street when visiting Magic Kingdom or among the Donald’s Dino-Bash if at Animal Kingdom.

Donald Duck

Do you know the full name of this OG Disney character Donald Fauntleroy Duck? Well, this anthropomorphic character is famous for being angry all the time. Interestingly, he was the second favorite character of Walt Disney.

Donald Duck in Hollywood Studios

You can find Donald and Daisy at Hollywood and Vine Seasonal Dine during lunch and dinner. Here, you also see the other members of the Fab 5. You can also spot Donald in other Disney World parks.

Characters in Hollywood Studios

Daisy Duck

The pretty pink-bowed Daisy Duck is one of the oldest characters created by The Walt Disney Company. She is the girlfriend of Donald Duck and mesmerizes us with shining eyelashes, heels, and a cute outfit. Like Donald, she is an anthropomorphic duck.

Daisy Duck in Hollywood Studios

You can meet her at Hollywood and Vine Seasonal Dine during lunch and dinner. Here, you can also meet Donald, Goofy, Mickey, and Minnie. You can also find Daisy and others among the Disney fab 5 characters in Hollywood studios.


The anthropomorphic doggo character Goofy is also one of Walt Disney’s age-old creations. The tall and happy goofball represents how dogs are but with pants, shoes, vests, gloves, and talking like a human. Goofy, Mickey, and Minnie are best friends. The rest come after that.

Goofy in Hollywood Studios

You will find Goofy near Miss Piggy Statue throughout the day. Goofy is also present across all theme parks. If you have breakfast at Hollywood and Vine, you will find Goofy, among others.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse needs no introduction as he is the first character Walt Disney created, the only OG. When we first introduced ourselves to Disney, we knew it through Mickey.

Mickey Mouse at Hollywood Studios

You will find Mickey at Commissary Lane all day alongside Minnie Mouse. You can meet them in all the other parks as well. Also, you will see them here if you come for Hollywood and Vine character dining during lunch or dinner.

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse is Mickey’s girlfriend and an anthropomorphic mouse just like him. The pink polka-dotted dress with a pretty bow makes Minnie attractive. She is the second character you think of when considering OG Disney characters.

Minnie Mouse in Hollywood Studios

You will be able to spot Minnie in the Commissary Lane alongside Mickey. You can also spot her in other parks or when dining at Hollywood and Vine.

What Is Goofy - All You Need to Know About the Disney Character


Another anthropomorphic medium-sized yellow dog from Walt Disney’s earliest creations is Pluto. He is also a goofball smaller than Goofy and has black ears and a tongue sticking out.

Pluto in Hollywood Studios

You can find Pluto at the Animation Courtyard till 6 pm, close to the Junior Dance Party building. Pluto is also present across other parks, like the other main characters of Disney.

Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy is a six-year-old girl that is too old for her age with her over-the-top personality. As the name suggests, she is always extravagant and wears blingy clothing. She also uses big world like extraordinary and ecstatic and is someone young girls want to be.

Fancy Nancy in Hollywood Studios

Fancy Nancy is one of the characters in Hollywood Studios with a presence in Animation Courtyard. You can spot it from opening hours till 6 p near the Junior Dance Party building. You can also find her when character dining for breakfast at Hollywood and Vine.

Edna Mode

Edna Mode is one of the supporting characters in the franchise The Incredibles. The character has a husky masculine voice and plays the role of a fashion designer. She is a friend of the Parr family. Edna’s character is notable because she channeled her pain into art by creating clothes that were supposed to be the leads.

Edna Mode in Hollywood Studios

You can find Edna Mode in Municiberg between 10 am and 6 pm.

Mr. Incredible

The father’s character, Mr. Incredible, from The Incredibles franchise, has a strong personality due to his protecting nature. He is the leader of the Parr family and the main protagonist.

Mr. Incredible in Hollywood Studios

You will find this character at Municiberg from late morning to late noon. Mr. Incredible greets you and allows you to take a selfie if you’re chosen!

Mrs. Incredible

The female protagonist and wife of Mr. Incredible is Mrs. Incredible. Initially, her name is Helen Parr, and she mothers Violet and Dash while going on incredible missions with her family.

Mrs. Incredible in Hollywood Studios

You will also find her at Municiberg from late morning to late noon.


Olaf is the melting character from the Frozen franchise. He melted our hearts with his goodness.

Olaf in Hollywood Studios

The snowman is one of the exciting characters in Hollywood Studios, present at the Celebrity Spotlight in Echo Lake. You can find him here all day, and that’s the only place you can visit in Disney World.

Sulley and Mike Wazowski

These Monster, Inc characters scare children away. Little do the children know that they are afraid of kids.

Sulley and Mike Wazowski in Hollywood Studios

If your kids are not afraid of them in real, you can take them for selfies at Toy Story Land. These two are available between 10 am and 6 pm.

Final Thoughts

When you visit the Disney theme park, let us know if you find more Hollywood Studios characters. The comprehensive list added the main characters you will always find. But some events and occasions might have more Disney characters to meet and greet.

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