Maharajah Jungle Trek Walking Trail Details and Interesting Facts

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Maharajah Jungle Trek is a walking trail designed for the enjoyment of guests. It is self-guided. Guests come across Gibbons, Komodo dragons, birds, and tigers. It is located in the Asia part of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, right beside Kali River Rapids.

History of the Trek

Disney’s Animal Kingdom had launched for the first time on April 22, 1998. The Asia part of the park was launched in 1999. On March 1 of the same year, Maharajah Jungle Trek opened.

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The queue for Maharajah Jungle Trek Animal Kingdom

There are practically zero queues for this self-guided walking trail. However, one can find a small crowd next to certain animal viewing sites. In such a scenario, they may have to wait their turn to get a proper sight of the animals.

Jungle Trek Animal Kingdom

The trek hides behind the Aisa part of Animal Kingdom. There are various spots from where the guests can view the animals.

Some of the areas in the trek are built in the fashion of ruined Indian hunting spots. Guests spot water buffaloes, blackbucks, komodo dragons, different species of birds, tigers, gibbons, and more.

Cast members of the trek are asked to remain at their posts on the trek so that they can point out the location of the animal to the guests. Additionally, the guests are free to ask them questions about the trek.

Maharajah Jungle Trek Walking Trail Details and Interesting Facts

Animal Kingdom Maharajah Jungle Trek experience

There is no queue for this self-guided walking trail. Guests can remain in their wheelchairs while enjoying this trek.

They need not transfer from their wheelchairs as is mandatory for certain rides. Service animals cannot be near this attraction. However, they may be permitted in certain restricted areas.

There are no health hazards on this trek. All people can enjoy the Maharajah Jungle Trek. Furthermore, there are no height requirements for enjoying a walk on the trek.

As the trek is located outdoors, it is very likely to be affected by bad weather. Therefore, the guests should avoid trek when the weather has taken a turn for the worse.

Half an hour after the park opens, the trek is open to the people. It closes early as well. The guests can never know when to spot certain animals. However, it is a safe bet to assume that the animals will present themselves during the coolest part of the day.

Fun facts on the trek

The Trek is in Anandapur. It is a fictional place. Guests can spot the tomb of Ananth on this Trek. He was the ruler of Anandapur.

The place draws inspiration from the vegetation and the wildlife of Cambodia, Thailand, Mongolia, etc.

It is home to magnificent birds such as king parrots, Palawan peacock pheasants, masked plovers, white-rumped shamas, Indian rollers, and fruit doves.

Maharajah Jungle Trek Walking Trail Details and Interesting Facts

The trek houses many exotic animals that are very difficult to come across. The trek was home to Malayan Tapirs till 2010.

The building close to the start of the pathway is abode to Rodrigues flying foxes. The habitat is unique as it allows animals unrestricted movement.

The bats that the guests can see here are not carnivorous. Therefore, the guests needn’t worry.

Guests can see animal activity on the trek right in the morning or just before the trek closes. Additionally, rainfall increases the chances of animal sightings. Animals, unlike humans, enjoy the rain.

The conservation efforts of the Disney Animal Kingdom behind the Maharajah Jungle Trek are clear. A lot of the species found here are practically in danger of extinction. It is a beautiful site that guests must visit.

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