How to Plan Camping in Fort Wilderness at Disney World

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Fort Wilderness gives you access to go camping in Disney World! Yep, you heard that right. You can go camping at Disney, and we’re here to give you all the deets you need!

You do have a lot of options to choose from in Disney World. There is an excellent way if you stay near the Magic Kingdom, like the Monorail resort, which can be a fantastic option.

Considering a value stay like the Pop Century can be a great option if you want to live within a budget in Disney World. However, camping can be a very different experience at Disney World.

It is usually recommended to get the benefits of early park entry and accessible transportation. Because you cannot spend your entire budget on just your stay, hence, with camping, you’ll have the other benefits and experience camping.

Hence, if you are looking for Disney World camping, you should check out the Fort Wilderness at Disney World.

There are so many things to do in Disney World’s Fort Wilderness. Let’s find out what and how much you will have to spend on the entire camping experience.

Camping experience

At Disney World, there are a lot of hotels that are the classics. For example, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and Disney’s Contemporary Resort are famous. However, Fort Wilderness can be quite a different experience.

Do you know about the area near Magic Kingdom resort? The Fort Wilderness is located in that place. This has both cabins and campsites for you to stay in.

Of course, it will not be like the other Monorail resorts closer to the parks. Since it is far from the gardens, you will get the camping feels without leaving Disney World. That’s like getting the best of both worlds.

The most fantastic part is they have various “room types” which you can choose from. For example, there are many options available for pop-up camps, tents, or if you want a luxurious premium camp experience.

Also, Disney World has a lot of bus stops across the resort, which is for easy transport to reach the parks. And another facility that you can opt for is the water boats that can take you to the Magic Kingdom.

The best part of this resort is that you can bring your pets along! The most amazing part is that your little paw friends can stay with you for just $5 a night.

It would be best to consider whether you would have any activities unlike the resort since it’s a camp. But, to your surprise, you can indulge in plenty of things.

Fort Wilderness Restaurants

Fort Wilderness has a lot of restaurants that you can choose from.

Many eateries have quick service stations that offer all three meals. Like P & J’s Southern Takeout, you can get your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Here you can get the comfort food of the southern side, which is quite evident by its name. Ribs, fried chicken, and burgers are some of the favorites. Apart from that, there’s a lot on the menu.

Check out Crockett’s Tavern near Pioneer Hall for your evening snack time! It offers some great cocktails and appetizers with Moonshine.

Now for dinner, you should check out The Chuck Wagon; it’s a food truck that offers some lip-smacking burgers and salads. Do not forget to try the corn dog nuggets; it’s heavenly.

If you have plans to chill by the pool, then the Meadow Snack Bar is worth mentioning. This place has quite a several drinks and snacks to grab along with swimming. However, Fort Wilderness does not have any restaurants that have generic table services.

How to Plan Camping in Fort Wilderness at Disney World

Fort Wilderness Entertainment

At Fort Wilderness, you have so much to do to entertain yourself.

Have you heard of Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue? If not, you should try to experience it at least once. This is the biggest attraction of Fort Wilderness!

So basically, this is a show you can enjoy while having dinner, which is why this stands to be the crowd’s favorite. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Meal with a mask.

If you plan to swim, then the Wilderness and The Meadow Swimmin’ Pool are available for you as a guest of the resorts.

At Meadow pool resort, you can also enjoy a waterslide. Though for refurbishment purposes, it will be closed between January-April 2023.

Another facility that may excite you is the golf carts you can hire. These golf carts can make your travel easier in Disney World. You will not have to wait for the Disney Buses for pick up and drop off!

There are also some crazy activities that you will not find anywhere in Disney World. Like archery, canoeing, and horseback riding!

Want to buy some souvenirs? Well, Fort Wilderness even has that facility. The Settlement Trading and Meadow Trading Post stores have everything you want to take back as a memoir.

The unique thing about this camping experience is that you can decorate your camp as you like it. Feel home experience while being at Disney World.

Cost of stay at Fort Wilderness

When you plan your trip, the essential part of your budget is your stay. It is also necessary for you to have a comfortable stay since you don’t want to spoil your holidays.

Since you are considering the Fort Wilderness camping experience, let’s find out how much it will cost. But the prices always vary. Hence you will have to keep a check before you make your bookings.

January 2023 — If you plan your trip in January, then a regular pop-up or tent campsite will cost around $85. A proper hook-up will cost you $113; the most preferred camp is $120 a night.

Now, if you want a premium camp, the cost will again go high, costing $131—a premium campsite, surrounded by food, activities, and shops, costs around $141.

Though these resorts are reasonable compared to Disney hotels, the prices will increase with the holiday season.

Now during Christmas, the prices will again be different. Like tent camps are $172, hook-up campsites are $209, and the preferred centers are $223.

The prices will also vary between $240 – $276 for the premium ones. However, if you have a big troupe with you, like 6 of you, you can always go for a cabin. The cabin will cost you around $398. Though these are pretty expensive, you do get your private house.

Best Things to Do at Disney World

Final thoughts

Hence now you know why you should book these campsites. Not only it’s unique, but it does offer you the best prices for your stay. And then you enjoy the benefit of accessible transportation and early entry. What are you waiting for?

Plan your extraordinary holiday at Disney World by camping at Fort Wilderness and save on expensive stays.

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