How Many Acres Is Disney World and How Big Is Each Park?

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Disney World is much more than a Dreamland to so many of us. It is an anywhere door to the land of no worries. Disney world is a portal to a world where all kinds of fantasies and imaginations become our realities. So, often we think, how big is that Dreamworld? If you want to know how many acres Disney World is, read the article to learn a detailed picture.

Imagine the size of Disneyland Resort. Imagine a space that can accommodate 53 such resorts of the same size and dimension. So, Disneyworld can accommodate that much space; it is that big. The area boasts 25 resorts for guests, two water fun parks, and four different theme parks.

Along with this, Disney California Adventure is a newer addition to it. Also, each resort area has separate dining and shopping districts. If you plan to go to Disneyland Resort, you can also consider staying in Downtown Disney.

So, if you are still wondering how many acres is Disneyland, here is your answer.

Disney World size

If you do not have enough time, you will not cover the entire area in a single visit. Covering around 27,000 acres, Walt Disney World bags the rank of the largest park in the whole world.

Imagine the amount of investment and time behind this massive project. The theme parks cover an area of 950 acres. Animal Kingdom is the largest among the four, covering 450 acres of land. There are also some plans for further extension of the parks.

animal kingdom

How many acres is Walt Disney World a question that has gaped your mouth wide? Now, if you want to fathom more blockbuster truths, then let’s take a look inside the attractions that the park has to offer.

Disney World Attractions

To enjoy all that is in store in Disney World, you will have to keep yourself free for more than a weekend. Also, all the four theme parks are not clubbed into one particular location, so you won’t be able to cover all four of them within two or three days. For that, you will need a more extended vacation. So, if you want your family and friends to enjoy the park thoroughly, then keep reading.

One of the most popular theme parks in Disney World is the Magic Kingdom. The name Magic Kingdom itself oozes with an idea of something big and mighty and wonderful. You are right to question how many acres is Disney World Magic Kingdom in this regard.

Compared to EPCOT and Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom is smaller in size, and however, it is the most popular among all the four theme parks. So, if you are visiting Disney World, make sure to go to Magic Kingdom. However, the area covered is slightly larger than Hollywood studios.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom covers an area of 107 acres which even has areas that are restricted to Cast members.

The total area is divided into three parts: Adventureland, Frontier land, Liberty Square, Fantasy Land, Tomorrowland, and Main Street USA. Among these, Fantasyland covers the largest area of 15.8 acres. SO, in total, all of these make up the 107 acres of Magic Kingdom. After this comes the Animal Kingdom, followed by EPCOT, which covers around 200 acres. As mentioned earlier, Hollywood Studios is a little smaller than these three, covering about 10 acres.

These regions don’t cover the areas in their entirety, and these estimates leave out the places only the Cast Members can access.

Also, as the 50th-anniversary celebrations are going on, there are some plans for upgradation in the Magic Kingdom. However, there is no news of any area expansion in this region. Also, a new roller coaster, TRON, is the latest addition to Space Mountain.

Thus, Magic Kingdom proves that size doesn’t matter when it comes to quality. Even if it is the most attractive destination of Disneyland, it isn’t that large. Thus, you can very quickly enjoy the place in one day or two.

animal kingdom

Other theme park size

There are only 25 attractions in Animal Kingdom, compared to the 53 in Magic Kingdom. However, Animal Kingdom covers a larger area than Magic Kingdom. This is, however, the best place if you want to go for adventure rides.

As the name suggests, the rides will mainly be around jungle safaris and animal adventures without visiting an actual forest. Some of the rides include Kilimanjaro Safaris, which takes you through Harambe Wildlife Reserve. You can even enjoy a river journey if you go for the 3D ride of Na’Vi river adventure in Pandora’s world, where you will also come across bioluminescent animals and plants.

The around the world themes and space-age areas of EPCOT further suggest that they have places to expand and will further accommodate newer discoveries. There are musical performances, live shows, wine, and food festivals. EPCOT doesn’t have many rides, but there are some that you can check out. So, how many acres is DIeny World will include all of these magnificent places you can explore.

How Many Acres Is Disney World and How Big Is Each Park?

If you are a fan of Disney cinemas, then Hollywood studio is your best bet. It is for all the Disney movies. Also, it has 20 rides along with shows. So, if you are interested in those, go ahead and have your fun.

Final Thoughts

A considerably large number of visitors make it to Disney World each year. So, your question of how many acres is Disney World is also answered. If you ever plan to visit that wonderland, brace yourself to embrace the magnanimity.

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