Pros and Cons of Disney World Visit in 2022

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Pros and cons of Disney World visit is a section we just had to cover because it is always best to know what you’re in for!

Considering the Disney World visit as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for plenty of people, some of you must know the benefits and drawbacks of having the best possible experience!

There is no wonder how lovely Disney World is. A trip to Disney World is like touching the moon for some. Disney World is the hub of nostalgia and a place where childhood fantasies come true.


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 Pros and cons of Disney World 2022

There are some things that we can hate about Disney World. So, let’s discuss the pros and cons of Disney World. We have even provided the solutions to help you ease out the drawbacks:

My Disney Experience

Planning a trip to Disney World requires much more energy and passion than it used to be before. It is no longer limited to buying tickets and booking hotels.

You must take note of everything happening inside Disney World and accustom yourself to its changes in at least the last 5 years.

If you want to make your journey smooth, you will have to know how to use the My Disney Experience App. The app allows you to plan your Disney trip to every last detail.

Using it, you can also avoid most of the cons in the list of pros and cons of Disney World. It allows you to make park reservations, check ride wait times, make dining reservations, and purchase Individual Lightning Lanes and Genie+.

You can also schedule your Genie+ reservations, enter virtual queues, and many more! Before visiting Disney World, download and go through the app carefully. Otherwise, you will regret it.

However, the fact that you need to be on your phone more frequently might be annoying. This can be one of the cons among some of the pros and cons of Disney World.

This doesn’t only distract you from your real experience but also drains the phone battery. So, it would help if you carried your charger whenever you made a trip to Disney World.

How to avoid it?

But, the best solution to this problem is to download the My Disney Experience App before reaching Disney World. Please navigate through the app and learn its functions.

You can even know the charging sections from here. So, bring an extra battery and charge your phone in charging stations. You can even change the dead batteries with fresh batteries at charging stations.

So, if you are asking about the pros and cons of Disney World, we have a solution for you. If you don’t like being on the phone for the entire day, you can even set screen limitations on your phone.

Also, you can share the responsibility of checking the app with your family or friends so that you can divide time and look at the phone.

Thus, the Disney trip might be the dreamiest trip of your life, but it can get messy if you do not plan properly beforehand. This is especially the case with the My Disney Experience app.


This brings us to the second thing that people hate the most about a Disney World trip is the intense research and planning required to make this trip happen. Disney World has made certain things mandatory for your trip.

You compulsorily need to make dining reservations before 60 days of your visit. Also, you cannot enter a park without prior park reservations.

Along with this, you can do park-hopping only after 2 pm. This means you will have to make plans keeping in mind the closing and opening hours of the park.

So, it is better that you prioritize the park that opens early and makes park reservations for that park. However, a park with a later closing time can be best suited for park hopping.

Purchasing Genie+ can also help you to prioritize the ride you want. Moreover, sometimes Lightning Lanes for some particular rides can fill up faster. Also, genie reservations open at 7 am. So, if you want to make your reservations, you must wake up early.

Some rides also have virtual queues, like Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. As per Disney’s history, virtual queues are offered when new Disney rides get launched. However, it would help if you were fast because these queues fill up very quickly.


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 How to plan properly?

One thing that is necessary for such detailed planning is that you should avoid rigidity. You can have last-minute changes, and that doesn’t mean you have ruined your trip.

Act as the wind takes you, and it will be a memorable Disney trip. Reaching the spot changes many things. So, once you go there, you can figure out whether you want to park hop.

You will not even get enough time after 2 PM, so analyze if that park hopping will be worth your budget or not. So, if you are a little short on budget, you can buy a normal ticket instead of a park hopper ticket and save some money.

As far as the dining reservations are concerned, there is no need to panic even if you miss the 60-day reservation plan. You can still check sites for reservations you have set your heart in.


Apart from change, another constant in Disney World is the crowd. This brings us to the third con in the list of pros and cons of Disney World.

Even if the load can be a little less at some point in Disney World, it is usually very crowded. However, if you are someone with a dream in their eyes but also love solitude, then don’t worry; we have got you covered.

How to cut through the crowds?

Even if you never get a deserted Disney World, try visiting the park in its off-times. The crowd is one of the most important cons among the pros and cons of Disney World Parks.

The crowd is the maximum in summer, especially because schools have summer vacations. So, most families make a Disney World trip in the summer. However, even during peak hours, you can research some areas where people do not go often.

One such area is Star Wars Launch Bay in Hollywood Studios or Storybook Circus Tent in Magic Kingdom. So, if you are tired of the crowd and need some time off, enjoy it yourself. These suit the best as hideout spots!

disney crowds

Hidden walkways

You can also take the road not taken! The hidden walkways are tucked away in locations where people do not usually plan to visit. Hence, if you are up for a very leisurely stroll, what better place can be there on earth than these.

Day off at the hotel

Moreover, you don’t need to have to go out every day. You can enjoy the luxury at your hotel. Or, even if you are going out, you can return to the hotel in the afternoon and have a relaxing break from the mental and physical exhaustion.

So, with great planning, you can easily avoid crowds even if you hate crowds!

Long Lines

Long wait times are a thing at Disney World. There might seem to be no way out of these long waiting lines. But, with some planning and exposure to the right information, you can avoid standing in long queues.

Genie+ and other options

However, for that, you will also need money. Genie+ is the new paid avatar of FastPass. If you spend $15 a day, you can get access to more than 50 Lightning Lanes in Disney World.

Also, you can buy Individual Lightning Lanes, for which you will have to pay an extra fee. If you are asking for pros in the list of pros and cons of Disney World, this is one of them.

You can buy two Individual Lightning Lanes passes a day. Prices for individual lightning lanes vary between $10-$17 for rides like Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, Avatar: Flight of Passage, and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

If you are not in the state to buy Genie+ or Individual Riding Lanes, you can also opt for Single rider. Even if you cannot ride with your partner or group, you can save your time and money if you select it.

Another way to avoid the longest queues is to avoid peak hours like mid-afternoon or mid-morning. Choosing fireworks and parade time gives access to the shortest waiting lines on a given day.

Rope dropping

You can also avoid long lines by rope dropping in which you arrive at Disney World just at the park’s opening time. So, get up, get ready, and reach the place ahead of time to stand in front of the line.

Extended Evening Hours and Early Theme Park Entry

If you are eligible, you can also take advantage of Extended Evening Hours and Early Theme Park Entry.

The latter is only available for those staying at any Disney World Hotel. By this, you can reach 30 minutes early at the park. However, if you are staying at any Disney Deluxe hotel, you can stay in some particular parks on specific dates after closing.

Lines might as well be applicable for dining reservations. Most of the time, the guests have to stand in lines famished and waiting for food.

But, if, after a tiring day, you want to come back and relax while having your food, mobile order is the best choice. Pick a time and order early, and your food will be delivered to your doorstep.


The list of pros and cons of Disney World will go in vain if you disregard walking as one of the cons.

Even if you use transportation, Disney World involves long walks, 5 to 10 miles a day. However, here are some things you can do to make the experience comfortable.

Walking needs comfortable shoes. So, do not wear new shoes in the park. Wear snickers that you wear at home for running.

It is recommended that you bring socks and band-aids. You can also bring wet socks for your trip to Splash Mountain.

Another important part of it is clothing. Try to be as comfortable as possible to enjoy without apparel discomfort. Check out clothing boutique in Hattiesburg to find nice clothing designs.

Get on the most comfortable dresses that belong to you. It is advisable not to wear clothes you haven’t used for a single day. However, you might still hate walking. But, if the weather is amicable, you can love walking in your wonderland.


Disney World trip is costly, adding prices to the list of pros and cons of Disney World. One of the cons among pros and cons of driving to Disney World is the parking fees.

If you are a resort guest, parking at the parks is free. But you will have to pay a hefty sum if you are not.

If you have registered for Disney Vacation club membership or for registering as an Annual Passholder (which is again not free), you might save a little. Depending on the pass, sometimes, discounts are available.

If something has caught your attention at the park, you can look up that merchandise on shopDisney. Often, they have a lesser price. You can also buy Disney gift cards where you can stick to your budget.

Budget is another very important part of planning. In this way, you will know where to spend and how much. Moreover, be careful about hotel booking. If you can manage staying off-site, that will save you a lot of money.

Heat and Weather

The best time to visit Disney World is between November and March if you do not have kids at home and the summer vacation holidays aren’t poking your head.

You can experience high to very high and humid temperatures in Florida between April and November. Even if you visit Disney World during summer, don’t forget to bring hats, colling towels, fans, and summer cool clothing.

Have an adequate amount of water and bring refillable glass bottles. There are plenty of water stations where you can refill your bottles. You can also check the local weather forecast to understand the weather updates beforehand.

You can take a break or try indoor rides if the heat increases. There are also many shows going on at Disney World inside AC halls. So, you can take some time off to watch those shows and rejuvenate.

pros and cons of disney world

Final Thoughts

So, planning a Disney trip can’t be spontaneous. It would help if you considered many of these things in advance.

In that way, you will be able to plan the best and most memorable trip in your lifetime! So, so take a close look at the list of pros and cons of Disney World and set sail without worrying!

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